How to see the colorful light show in the sky

How to see the colorful light show in the sky

In sunny UK weather this weekend, there is another party to look forward to.

If you are a Sky Watcher, you can see the Perseid meteor shower from the comfort of your garden tonight.

The Perseid meteor shower started tonight and will last until August 12.

Each meteorite will not be larger than a grain of sand, but will create a beautiful colorful view of the night sky.

You may be able to see it – but there are some tips and tricks that can help you see it more clearly.

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Tips to help you see where to look in the sky

According to the American Meteorological Society (AMS), perseeds are particles released by a comet 109p / Swift-Tuttle, bringing a number of revenues to the inner solar system. The beams near the Premius constellation are called Perseids because they appear to have come from meteorites.

Meteorite You can turn to a bright spot in the northeast sky, but you don’t have to focus on that area alone to see a meteor shower. says meteorites will appear in all parts of the sky.

To see them better, go to a dark place and sit looking at the sky as high as you can.

You do not need special tools or skills to see a meteorite. Find a vacant lot away from city lights. Dress appropriately for the weather and make sure you are comfortable if you want to spend more time outside. Since meteor observation is a waiting game, some suggest bringing a blanket or chair.

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According to NASA, it is important to keep your eyes dark (this takes about 30 minutes). This way you will see more meteorites. You should also try to keep your phone away as devices with bright screens can adversely affect your night vision and reduce the number of meteors you see.

According to NASA, Perseid is the most visible meteorite to humans, at 50-100 meteors per hour.

These are also known as fireballs – large bursts of light and color that last longer than the average meteorite.

NASA explains, “Fireballs come from large particles of comets.”

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