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How to learn English without leaving home?

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English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Anyone wishing to gain an international experience for work, study, or travel must have a knowledge of the language, at least. Many Brazilians who faced difficulties due to the epidemic and high unemployment intensified their search for language learning last year.

According to a survey conducted by the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anacio Texira (INEP), enrollment in distance learning courses increased by 20%. In addition, according to another study developed by 7Waves, more than 40% of people set a goal to learn English this year.

Even at home, you can learn English in a complete and very practical way. Therefore, we have listed below the main methods that can definitely be used that give a better result. See:

# 1 Games: It may seem simple, but many young people are learning to play English! Games are a great source of entertainment for learning, whether they are on mobile apps or the most original video games. What’s more, repetition is a great way to learn vocabulary, language, and expressions when used consistently.

# 2 Movies and Series: Who has never been in an English class where the teacher showed an episode of some famous series? These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Many are made using a language that is easy to absorb and suitable for beginners. To practice writing while watching, take the opportunity to put subtitles in English as well.

# 3 Conversation Apps: Several apps have been developed to help with this study. From beginners to advanced – they perform exercises quickly and practically at all levels. They include writing and listening to provide a more comprehensive user experience. Some even offer an online chat with people around the world, providing an even greater experience.

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# 4 Online Courses: For those who do not do without classes taught by experienced teachers, you can take several online courses from home. SEDA College Online is a great example, offering more than 50 courses from beginner to advanced level, student can participate anytime, anywhere. Each class has a maximum of 10 minutes, which makes it easy to incorporate into anyone’s daily routine. It is a complete program that allows for quick, easy and affordable learning.

# 5 Practice regularly: Whichever method you choose, remember: Never stop practicing. Like any other study, it takes time to speak another language. So, dedicate yourself to these activities and of course you can learn English.

Social isolation has proven that we can continue to do many activities within our homes. In the case of English, this has become much easier with the creation of online learning platforms and tools. It is entirely possible to delve deeper into this language, and learning requires only the dedication and commitment of the student.

Vanessa Melo Ribeiro, CEO of SEDA College Online, an online language platform.

About SEDA College Online:

An SEDA College Online Located SEDA is a company of the College Group Dublin, Ireland. Specialize in language teaching to foreigners, Has won the Ireland Language School Award three times in a row.


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