How to know if you’ve been affected by the Orange data breach

How to know if you've been affected by the Orange data breach

A security breach by one of Orange’s providers exposed some users’ sensitive data, and they were notified about it.

We got the news last week Moviestar had a security breachAccordingly, the Users of the operator and its subsidiary O2 They would be affected. The company sent a statement to all potentially affected customers, urging them to change their Wi-Fi password to avoid problems as an important security measure.

at this time The security vulnerability has reached orange, as acknowledged by the company itself in an official statement (which we will reproduce later). Apparently, the operator is already communicating with affected customers to better explain what happened and what will happen next.

What really happened?

How to know if you've been affected by the Orange data breach

Orange exposed user data after security breach

As Orange detailed in its statement, one of its providers suffered a security breach. As a result of this flaw, attackers gained unauthorized access to their systems, causing Some users’ sensitive information was exposedThat is:

  • Name and surname.
  • mailing address.
  • phone
  • Email.
  • in days.
  • day of birth
  • Nationality.
  • IBAN code of the bank account associated with the line.

This is it Orange statement Emailed to affected users:

How to know if you've been affected by the Orange data breach

This is the statement sent by Orange to its customers

If you want to know if you are one of the affected users or need more information, Orange is asking the user Contact customer service. However, if you have not received this communication, your information has not been compromised.

What can you do if you are one of those affected?

Cyber ​​Security

Our personal data has a lot of value and it’s not good for it to fall into the wrong hands

Office of Internet Security (OSI) The gap also resonated, It is rated as highly important. From the OSI itself, a series of guidelines are provided on how to proceed if we are affected by data exposure.

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First of all, it is advised to pay particular attention to emails, messages or calls whose origins are unreliable, especially if they ask for banking information or user credentials. They can be fraudulent messages and falling for them can be very bad.

On the other hand, it is recommended Monitor information circulating on the Internet about the user, because it is a way to find out if personal data is being used without consent. Usually just search by our full name to find out. If so, on it Spanish Data Protection Agency They tell you what you can do.

It is also convenient Pay attention to bank movements In case of unauthorized movements. If this happens, contact your bank to resolve it.

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