How To Increase Your Pheromone Levels To Attract Your Crush

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Pheromones are said to be the chemicals of love, they are released to attract your partner!

First of all: What are pheromones?

Pheromones are chemicals associated with loveIt is said that we release them in order to attract the person we like. Although they are microscopic compounds, pheromones help to emit strong signals as they propagate through the air.

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“They produce an organism and release it, altering the behavior of other organisms of the same species,” said pharmacologist Augusto Bontanu Gusti.

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How to increase your pheromone levels to attract people


There are certain substances and spices that contain pheromones. There are products of different brands that help to release more of these chemicals as soon as they are sprayed on your body.

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Keep your natural scent

Soaps, shower gels and body creams alter the levels of these chemicals in your body because they are excreted through sweat, mainly from the armpits. Try to use natural products or essential oils without alcohol or fragrance.

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Get at least 8 hours of sleep

Getting a good night’s and healthy sleep will increase your pheromone levels. To do this, avoid long daytime naps, drink caffeine just before bed, and exercise before bed.

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Eat stalks and celery

These foods contain the chemicals androstenone and androstenol, which are considered human pheromones. For this reason, celery and truffles stimulate these chemical compounds in your body, releasing more pheromones and activating your chemical signals in front of the boy you love.

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