How to increase the turnover of the online store?

How to increase the turnover of the online store?

Includes detailed product description and demonstration

No one likes to buy a “cat in a bag”, so one of the most important elements of an online store is detailed product or service descriptions. When choosing goods that help them shop more often on the Internet, residents indicate a detailed product description as the most important factor that encourages them to return to the e-shop again and again. Visual representation is not so important: 30% of the population indicates that they want to use innovative digital solutions, such as an augmented reality tool that allows you to see for yourself the application of a particular product. In foreign countries, such a solution has already begun to be offered, for example, by clothing and cosmetic brands. However, since it takes time for society to adopt any new technology, it does not mean that you should start investing in such advanced technologies immediately.

Make sure you can easily pay for the purchase

The best way for a company to find out how convenient an online store is is to go through the buyer’s journey itself – from placing the product in the basket to sending a confirmation message about the successful completion of the purchase. It’s important to keep track of how many steps you need to take. “The Klix team and I conducted a study on Latvian e-commerce platforms, and the average number of actions a customer has to perform is on average ten to fifteen. This means that the customer has fifteen seconds where he can change his mind and abandon the cart without retrieving it. This shopping experience may once have been acceptable, however, the rapid digitization caused by the pandemic e -The commerce environment has changed, and consumers no longer want to deal with a “difficult” payment process,” says Vladislav Mironovs, Citadel Bank board member of strategy. .

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One way to increase the number of potential customers is to offer as wide a range of payment methods as possible, including payment methods for digitally savvy and savvy customers. Big e-commerce giants always offer several payment methods to accommodate maximum number of people – some prefer to pay by entering card details, others pay for purchase using internet banking link, and still others prefer to pay for purchase. Just gave their phone number. Until now, the problem was in the process of introducing various payments – for each desired solution, a contract had to be concluded with a specific financial institution. Such an administrative burden is too much for any small and medium e-commerce company.

“To understand the barriers to creating a more efficient online store, we spoke to various e-commerce companies and found that many online stores do not have the time and financial resources to invest in improving the payment process. However, there is a desire to improve the customer experience and overall store performance. To help e-commerce merchants, Citadele’s While developing Klix under, we thought that entrepreneurs would have to do as little work and investment as possible on their part, and get the maximum possible result. This is how Klix developed the universal payment acceptance solution, which provides the e-store with all the most popular payment methods with one integration. Also, the quickness of purchases by just entering a phone number. Klix also has some unique functions in its arsenal, such as payment, which should be considered the next logical step in the development of the Baltic e-commerce world,” V. Mironov says.

Klix, created under the umbrella of Citadele, is currently available in more than 600 online stores in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Payment by clicks is available at e-commerce giants such as AirBaltic, RD Electronics, Pasacieru Willciens, Mobily, K-Senukai, 1ALV, and many niche stores such as Jahonts, Men’s Optica, etc. Among many others.

Clix is ​​a swiss army knife type solution that provides everything an e-shop needs with one integration – card payments, payments with internet bank link, split payment or installment, as well as fast payment. For example, the e-store requires only one-click integration for customers to make payments using the Internet banking links of the most popular banks. Klix Multilink is a payment initiation solution that gives a buyer the opportunity to pay for a product or service in an online store by initiating a transfer from their bank account without using a payment card. Klix Pay, on the other hand, allows customers who have created a Klix account to make payments using the Klix app. The function also provides regular card payments for unregistered users. The benefit for those who register as Klix users is the possibility to use a simple payment process in all e-shops where Klix is ​​integrated.

Klix integration in the online store needs to be done only once and the installation process can be done immediately if the e-store uses one of the big e-commerce platforms. By implementing the solution, in the future, when paying for the purchase, the store visitor will see the text “Payment with clicks”, which, depending on the range of clicks functions in the specific online store, gives the possibility to pay any payment. card, the most popular internet banks in the Baltics or split the payment into several monthly payments.

In e-commerce, the popularity of “buy now, pay later” or installment solutions is increasing.

If the entrepreneur himself manufactures the goods sold on the Internet, production always begins after receiving payment. However, this turns off a lot of customers because, depending on the product or service, the customer may not always be able to pay for the entire purchase at once. For example, if the customer orders a new piece of kitchen furniture, the craftsman will start production only after payment. Hence, the method of shopping where the customer buys the product immediately using the “buy now pay later” solution is becoming more and more popular. with Click Pay Later The customer purchases a product or service, indicating that he will pay in installments, but the merchant receives full payment and begins the fulfillment of the order. This is beneficial to the merchant and speeds up the entire shopping process.

Use all Klix payment solutions in your online store with one installation:

  • Klix Pay – Card payments (Visa, Mastercard) and purchase confirmation by entering a phone number – for already registered Klix users

  • Multilink Internet Bank Payments – a solution that allows you to make payments with a single integration using Internet banks of all major Baltic banks

  • Clix Pay Later – Online Loan Application Tool (Lenders – Citadel Bank, Vicia, Lateco)

  • Klix Quick Checkout – Payment by confirming the purchase on the app where the customer has already added the payment card

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