How to Hide Rows in Google Sheets

How to Hide Rows in Google Sheets

KOMPAS.comGoogle Sheets is a web-based software, also known as cloud computing, owned by Google.

In management Google Sheets Sometimes users create or present data, often a lot of it. This is what makes up the number Classified Also the columns become dense and make it difficult for users to read the data.

So you might need a way to hide a row in Google Spreadsheet. And how? the following KompasTekno Some steps will be outlined.

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How to hide line Google Spreadsheet How to Hide Rows in Google Sheets
  • Open your Google Sheets file
  • Select one or more rows by holding down the Shift key and clicking on the numbers in the left column. In the example, we select rows 8 and 9. All the data in the rows should be highlighted
  • With the row still highlighted, right-click anywhere on the row
  • From the menu, select “Hide Rows 8-9”.
  • Selected rows ie rows 8-9 are no longer visible in file view. However, you can see an up and down arrow next to the numbering.

The explanation is about that How to Hide Rows in Google Sheets. I hope this helps.

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