How to get American Netflix from Ireland in 2022

Browsing the Internet exposes you to a lot of information through various websites that shed light on different issues. Nevertheless, some sites cannot be accessed in specific regions since the website developer restricts them. A good example is the streaming site Netflix, which blocks certain content in some countries due to various reasons. Netflix can also not be accessed as a platform in countries like Ireland. However, a simple way to bypass the restriction and gain access is through using a Virtual Private Network, which is also known as a VPN. There are many sites like  where you can access a VPN and enjoy streaming services for free. Below are the top VPNs that can help you get American Netflix while in Ireland.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield has been reported as one of the top-ranking VPNs to use by people using Apple, Windows, and Android devices. On downloading the network, you will enjoy up to five hundred megabytes of free data every day, where the data allowance refreshes after every day. Though it is advisable to use this VPN on a computer, they operate well with android enabling you to enjoy Netflix services from any part of the world. In just less than five seconds, the Hotspot shield connects immediately to its servers, saving you ample time from trying to find a reliable server. The VPN does not constantly display ads, and through its changed policies, users of the VPN experience ads only when they are using their mobile phones with the network.


Some VPNs like Surfshark allow their users to use their networks temporarily for free, and after the trial period, users are required to pay charges for continued usage. When considering Surfshark, it is important to note that the network is reputable for offering cheap service rates for its users making the network a convenient option for people with strict budgets. In addition, the network provides its users with unique features like multiple connections across several devices. There is no need to have any worries if your devices have different operating systems since the network is designed to operate efficiently with all operating systems, from computers to smartphones. Surfshark is an appropriate option if you want to get the best out of Netflix streaming services.

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Privado VPN

Privado VPN is one of the few free VPNs that are reputable for providing satisfactory services in terms of Internet speeds. Free VPNs provide slow internet speeds to their users, except for Privado VPN. The private network is based in Switzerland, where there are high standard regulations and policies regarding privacy and provides users with a flexible data retention policy. The private networks allow users to enjoy an amazing interface no matter the device it is used on, and all features are located in one tab.

Atlas VPN

Few virtual private networks in the market can deliver privacy and quality features to keep you informed about your Internet activities. The network is designed to operate with a specific tool that allows users to block third-party individuals from hacking easily. The tool is known as Tracker Blocker and is a feature considered to be enjoyed by many users of the network around the world. When using the network, there are two ways you can gain access. You can either pay a charge and create an account or use the free version. The network owns multiple servers in different locations worldwide, providing quick access and connections to the Internet, allowing you access to Netflix in any place you desire.

With the above considerations of the VPNs to choose from and enjoy unrestricted access to Netflix, it is imperative to understand what to look out for in VPNs before settling on one. There are many VPNs in the market, and choosing the wrong one could cause a security breach in your systems.

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Like any other business, VPNs provide services to customers, and they need permits to operate. There are many networks on the Internet to choose from, and unfortunately, some are fake. Registering to a fake network will make hackers easily access your device and steal sensitive information. Licenses provide proof that the network has been verified to have the ability to satisfy customer demands and keep their data and information safe.

Paid or Free VPN

The market of virtual private networks is full of both free and charged networks. The type of network you select needs to depend on the type of work you intend to do on the Internet. Most free VPNs limit data and varying connection speeds and contain many advertisements. Free VPNs are advised to be used on only public Wi-Fi or a few instances doing light browsing. Paid VPN networks, which are highly recommendable for heavy Internet browsing, are efficient in keeping hackers away from gaining access and unlocking blocked content from streaming sites.

User Reviews

Getting to know a network adequately before choosing is a wise step toward getting registered with an efficient network. People who utilize satisfactory networks leave quality reviews from the users. When choosing the VPN to select, ensure you pick a network with a lot of positive reviews from people instead of choosing a network with negative reviews. Also, avoid going for networks with a balanced number of negative and positive reviews. Always choose a network with a high number of reviews.


To access restricted Netflix shows, you will need to download the network into your device. Before downloading, the VPN, ensure you check with the network’s device compatibility to ensure the network will operate efficiently on your device. After downloading, ensure you go through the signing up process for paid VPNs with the confidence that the information will not leak. American Netflix shows are often not showcased in Ireland, which can be frustrating. To select a worthy way of watching these shows, choose a quality VPN with the above considerations in mind or choose from one of the VPNs listed above.

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