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How to get a good internet connection in Ireland? [EXPAT]

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With the development of technology and the expansion of professional areas in networks, access to the Internet on a daily basis has become essential.

In Ireland, network coverage is excellent and provides adequate service, except in some rural areas of the country, especially in commercial areas, homes and public places.

A national broadband scheme is being implemented to address this shortcoming.

Focus on Broadband in Ireland

Broadband is a high speed internet connection, Access is usually provided via wired lines – these include fiber optics, cable networks or even telephone lines. Not only landlines but also routes with broadband connections. This is also possible in IrelandHave access to a broadband connection By other means, such as via satellite, long-distance Wi-Fi transmission, or mobile phone networks.

The type of broadband connection provided in your area will affect the speed and smoothness of your connection.

Therefore, the Internet service provider Whether you subscribe depends on where you live or what providers operate in your area.

In general, Irish people subscribe to their Internet box Mobile phone operator. Further motivating this choice is the possibility of getting combo and thereby benefiting from economical and beneficial packages.

However, due to the large number of Internet service providers, the national area offers many possibilities, Choosing your Internet Service Provider You need to follow a mature reflection and do it according to your means and your needs.

In a nutshell: As many mobile telephone operators offer internet boxes, it is common for Irish people to take these two types of subscriptions from the same service provider, at the same time benefiting from a favorable pricing.

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Internet service providers in Ireland

Many internet connection providers offer their services in the country.

Eir, Sky, Virgin Media or Pure Telecom offer you the benefit Broadband plan At a profitable cost. However, you can benefit from doing a little research Compare before engaging with an ISP In addition to a service that best suits your needs, it will give you the best offer in relation to your budget so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Or, you may be very restrained from having to change the provider once you rent.

How to get an internet subscription in Ireland?

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As you can see, telephony providers offer very useful financial packages to their subscribers who subscribe to the Internet access package.

This is why most people in Ireland choose the same provider for these two types of services. If you want to do the sameThe process is very simple.

Once you’ve chosen the provider that best meets your needs, call a second customer service to install Internet access in your home or go to this service provider’s website or physical agency.

Before proceeding with any procedure, you must present proof of your residential address and proof of identity, if this is your first subscription to this service provider.

Internet packages and their prices in Ireland

Ireland is equipped with 5G / 4G / 3G +, to which operators offer access for an average of 20 euros per month, as seen in France.

But if you are traveling, many places that are open to the public offer you a free WiFi connection, which is useful when you have little or no mobile data.

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Wi-Fi hotspots are open to the public in Ireland

If you’re looking for a free Wi – Fi connection point in Ireland, you’ll go to pubs, restaurants and cafes, as well as the famous McDonald’s. Unique burger recipes And also to their Wi-Fi hotspots around the world.

Good to know: The great city of Cork already has a highly developed free WiFi network, but does not intend to stay there, wanting to recreate Dublin’s extraordinary coverage.

However, there are some precautions you should take when connecting your device to this type of public network, as it may endanger your personal data. Of course, public networks do not offer a secure connection and are often vulnerable to attacks.

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