How to free whatsapp storage and more features

How to free whatsapp storage and more features

If you feel that WhatsApp platform space The amount of information you have saved is not enough, and we will tell you how to fix it.

For many, the information stored there, be it photos, videos, conversations and documents, is very important When thinking about information security it is essential to protect it.

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WhatsApp and its storage

Although we use this application all day long, there are many functions that we don’t know about the app. We tell you some tricks you didn’t know to improve user experience.

Activating ‘temporary messages’ can solve the storage problem, This option is a new tool for the platform responsible for deleting all the content of your conversations Or a specific one automatically.


So you can activate temporary messages for all chats

– Check it on WhatsApp No pending updates.

– Then enter ‘App’ and click on the icon Three vertical points located in the upper right corner.

– Press the icon ‘Settings’ then ‘Accounts’.

– Also, click on the category ‘Privacy’.

– Scroll down and ‘Press Option’Default length of messages’.

– Finally, You can choose when you want to delete messages, photos, documents and links.

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Another way to free up space in WhatsApp memory

There is a very easy trick to do from your mobile to clear app’s memory, For that you have to delete old conversations, so you can directly click on chats and delete photos and videos which are saved in the internal memory of the app in the WhatsApp folder.

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Click on the three dots In the top right corner of the ‘App’

– Then go to settings, Then manage storage and storage.

– Select files from there You want to erase forever

WhatsApp tricks that you don’t even know about There are others that can optimize your use of the app to your liking.

Completely disable ‘Blue Check’ on WhatsApp

If you want to disable this option on your cell phone so that your contacts don’t know if they read their message, You can disable the famous ‘Blue Check’ inside WhatsApp, all you have to do is:

If you’re on a cell phone with an Android account, you’ll need to: Settings-Account-Privacy-Messaging, where you disable the ‘Read Receipts’ option.

In the case of iPhone cell phones on the iOS operating system, all you have to do is go to it Tap Settings > Account > Privacy to turn off ‘Read Receipts’.

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Send videos via WhatsApp with sound removed

Make sure to block the speaker button while sending video to your contact, You do this as follows:

Find the contact Who do you want to share the video with?

WhatsApp has already introduced a paid plan for some users; There are two new benefits

– Press the c buttonShare from the clip icon

– Search in option Video gallery to be sent

– The video editor will open There you have to press the mute button, which appears with a speaker icon.

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