How to follow the Pope’s trip to Iraq on TV / The program

Come seguire in tv il viaggio del Papa in Iraq / IL PROGRAMMA


The press office of the Holy See was released The program of Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq from March 5 to 8 2021. Pontif will deliver seven sermons over the four days of the historic visit.

Friday, March 5th Departure from Rome and Fiamizino to Baghdad is scheduled for the morning, where the Pope will arrive at the International Airport in the afternoon, where a welcome reception will be held. Meeting with Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadimi in the VIP room at the airport. Bagh’s official reception will be held at the Presidential Palace in Baghdad, with a courtesy call on President Berham Salih and a meeting with officials, civil society and diplomats in the hall of the Presidential Palace.

He will meet with bishops, priests, religious, seminary and catechists at the Syrian-Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad.

Saturday, March 6th The Pope will first travel to the holy city of Najaf to see the great Ayatollah Syed Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani. He will fly to Nazareth for a reciprocal meeting on the Plains.

In the afternoon, return to Baghdad, where the pope will celebrate with the crowd at the Chaldean Cathedral of St. Joseph.

Sunday, March 7th, Will leave for Erbil on a Pontif flight in the morning, where he will be greeted at the airport by religious and civil authorities in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. He then flew by helicopter to Mosul to pray for those killed in the battle at Hosh al-Biya (Church Square). The pope will fly to Kharakos by helicopter to visit the local Christian community and recite the Angels. Move back to Erbil in the afternoon, where the pope will celebrate en masse at the “Franസോois Hariri” stadium before returning to Baghdad.

Monday, March 8, Finally, the return flight to Rome-Siampino after the farewell ceremony at Baghdad Airport.

“You are all brothers”; This is the motto taken from the Gospel of Matthew of Francis’ visit to Iraq, and the logo depicting the Pope in a greeting gesture to the country is represented on the map and its symbols, as well as the palm, Tigris and Euphrates rivers. A white dove in the logo, with an olive branch on its beak and a symbol of peace, flies the flags of the Holy See and the Republic of Iraq. Above the picture, the motto of the visit was reported in Arabic, Kurdish and Chaldean. – Vatican Media

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How to follow Pope Francis’ meetings on TV

Those who live at home can follow Pope Francis’ meetings on television, the Internet, and social media, in addition to news and insights on the site and in the newspaper. The future It will be suggested to its readers as always. Many other insights into the Italian Bishops’ Conference Radioinblue and TV2000’s other communications can be found on Digital Terrestrial Channel 28, Channel 140 SKY’s satellite, and Channel 18’s satellite platform Tivasat.

For those who do not want to miss a single picture of Pope Francis’ trip to Iraq TV 2000, In collaboration Vatican Media It offers streaming on its own channel Youtube, Submit a Special programming for Pope Bergoglio’s Travel 5 Friday from 11.45am to Monday, March 8th. Links, Services and Interviews for Tg2000 Editorial Staff Insights and guests on the specifics of the broadcast of ‘Diary of Pope Francis’ by Genaro Ferrara.

Among the appointments: Arrive in Baghdad on Friday, March 5, for a formal reception at the Presidential Palace, a courtesy call from the President of the Republic, a meeting with the authorities, civil society and diplomatic corps, followed by bishops, “Our Lady of Salvation,” ; A meeting on Saturday, March 6, in the Chaldean Cathedral of San Giuseppe in Baghdad, in the Ur Plain and the Holy Mass; Sunday 7 A prayer meeting for the victims of the war in Mosul’s Hos Al Biya (Church Square) and a visit to the community of the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Kharakosh, followed by the Holy Mass at the stadium “Fran‌ois Hari” in Erbil.

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Among the guests: Vatican expert Valentina Alasraki, journalists Giovanni Botteri and Tony Caposo followed the two Gulf Wars. The Iraqi poet Younis Tawfiq was responsible for the massacre of 48 Christians in 2010. Community of Sant Agidio Marco Impagliaso; Imam of Florence Issidin Elsir, Islamic theologian Sharzad Housmani; Sister Narges, a Chaldean nun, and Sister Luigina Sacco, sister of the Patriarchate of Baghdad; Journalist Massimiliano Kochi, an Iraqi priest from Erbil, Father Rever Basa, Muslim theologian Adjainin Mokrani, Fr.

TV 2000’s live footage of the Pope’s trip to Iraq on Friday at 5pm, Saturday at 8am and Monday at 8pm at 4pm ‘Il Diario di Papa Francesco’ is a special tribute to the Pope’s entire journey, including the most important moments and press conference on his return flight from Iraq. In the evening, the documentary ‘You are all brothers – Pope Francis in Iraq’ written by Ricardo Bichi: The wait, the natives, the bishops and the church authorities, the passing of Pope Francis became a peace pilgrim on their land.

Community of Sant Agidio, Prayer for Peace, Pope’s Journey to Iraq

On Friday, March 5, at 8 pm, in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trustee, the Sant Egidio community gathers to pray for peace in Iraq and for Pope Francis’ journey to that land.

Prayer is broadcast in multilingual live streaming on the community website and social channels. In itself Facebook, Twitter e Instagram as well as Youtube.


All articles on the Pope’s trip to Iraq

In detail during all meetings:

Friday, March 5, 2021

Rome – Baghdad

In the morning
7:30 Departure from Rome / Fiamino International Airport to Baghdad
In the afternoon
14:00 Arrive at Baghdad International Airport
14:00 Welcome Welcome to Baghdad International Airport
14:10 Meeting with the Prime Minister at the VIP Lounge at Baghdad International Airport
15:00 Welcome reception at the Presidential Palace in Baghdad
15:15 The President’s commitment to the private study of the Presidential Palace in Baghdad
15:45 Meeting with officials, civil society and the Diplomatic Corps in the hall of the Presidential Palace in Baghdad
16:40 Meeting with bishops, priests, religious people, seminaries and catechists at the Syrian-Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad.

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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Baghdad – Najaf – UR – Baghdad

In the morning
7:45 Depart for Najaf
8:30 Arrive at Najaf Airport
9:00 Visita de Cortesia Al Grand Ayatollah Syed Ali Al Husseini Al Sistani A Najaf
10:00 Take a flight to Nasiriyah
10:50 Arrive at Nasiriyah Airport
Inter-religious meeting at 11:10 p.m.
12:30 Take a flight to Baghdad
13:20 Arrive at Baghdad International Airport
In the afternoon
18:00 Holy Mass in the Chaldean Cathedral of St. Joseph in Baghdad

2021 March 7 Sunday

Baghdad – Erbil – Mosul – Kharkash – Erbil – Baghdad

In the morning
7:15 Take off for Erbil
Arrived at Erbil Airport at 8:20
8:20 Welcome by the President of the Autonomous Region of Iraqi Kurdistan and the religious and civil authorities in the area of ​​Erbil Airport
8:30 Meeting with the President and the Prime Minister of the Autonomous Region at the Presidential VIP Lounge at Erbil Airport
9:00 Helicopter departure for Mosul
9:35 am Arrive at Mosul Airfield
10:00 Voting for Victims of the Battle of Hosh Al Biya (Church Square) in Mosul
10:55 Helicopter departure for Kharakosh
11:10 am Arrive at Kharakosh Landing Field
11:30 Visit the Kharakosh Community at Kharakosh’s “Flawless Conception” Church
12:15 Switch to Erbil
In the afternoon
16:00 Holy Mass at the Franco Hariri Stadium in Erbil
18:10 Take a flight to Baghdad
19:15 Arrive at Baghdad International Airport

Monday, March 8, 2021

Baghdad – Rome

In the morning
9:20 am Farewell ceremony at Baghdad International Airport
9:40 Take a flight to Rome
12:55 Arrive at Rome / Siampino International Airport

Time zone
Roma + 1H UTC
Baghdad + 3H UTC
Najaf + 3H UTC
Nasiriya + 3H UTC
Erbil + 3h UTC
Mosul + 3H UTC
Black + 3H UTC

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