How to find your lost or stolen iPhone?


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The Find My iPhone app is the best solution for locating a lost or stolen iPhone, and it combines Apple’s recently released Find My iPhone and Find My Friends features to help friends locate their phones.

According to the iPhone Life website, there are several steps you can take to recover your lost iPhone, and you can locate someone else’s iPhone.

Enable Find My Network, you need to enable Find My Network, which can set your device off incorrectly for up to 24 hours even if it is turned off.

If you already have Find My enabled on your iPhone, you can enable Find My Network by default after upgrading to iOS 15.

If you have an iPhone with you and want to make sure My Network Find is enabled, open Settings on your iPhone and tap your Apple ID on top.

Select “Find My”, then click “Find My iPhone” and you will see the option to enable Find My Network.

You will also notice that the last location send feature is toggled, which is another useful feature to enable. If the battery is low it will send the last known location of your device to Apple.

Once Find My Network is enabled you will see a message the next time you turn off your device. It reminds you that you can find your device even if you turn it off.

How To Find A Lost iPhone Apart From Your Phone
Open the Find My app on your iPhone.

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Select me from the options at the bottom of the screen.

Click Help a friend below, it will open

Ask them to sign in to iCloud with their Apple ID to see your friend’s devices.

Select the device you are looking for and if the lost device seems to be nearby, you can tap Play Audio to help you find it.

If your lost iPhone is far away, you can click on Lost Mode to help protect your phone’s data and automatically turn on Low Power Mode to give you more time to search.


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