How to find the best French movies and series on Netflix?


Netflix overtook 200 million subscribers On its platform in the world by 2020. This giant is hard to know Streaming. However, navigating the platform is not easy: where are the French language movies and series?

Movies, Series, Documentaries, Original Works … Founded in 1997 by a California company Helped create a revolution in audiovisual landscape, and so provides Serious setback of the old on television. With its strong recommendation algorithm, we look at similar things.

But how to navigate? gives you some tips for finding French language content on Netflix!

According to a study, the online platform offers 32,600 hours of programs or 4 consecutive years! Hard to navigate …

How to find French speaking movies and series

To find the best French movies and series and challenge Netflix’s algorithm, go to the “Films” tab or the “Series” tab, which you can access directly from your homepage. Then you have to click on “Category”. Netflix offers a variety of categories: Detective, Science Fiction, Documentary, Comedy, Action, Teen Martial Arts, Cartoon, Drama… Not only: France, United States, United Kingdom. So, if you select the type “France”, you will come to a page where we can find Movies And Series French.

To find other foreign movies, we recommend the site ogres-crypt. By clicking on the links, you go directly to the Netflix pages, depending on the nationality you choose: Belgium, Korea, Ireland, SpainThe Recommendation algorithm, or even the “Category” tab, is a variant that is not directly accessible on the Netflix platform, and does not offer us to sort content by country.

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