How To Find Hidden Cameras With Your Cell Phone

detectar cámaras ocultas con tu celular

The Hidden cameras Inn Hotels And hosting sites is a problem that, unfortunately, is becoming more and more frequent. Many guests have had the misfortune to experience one Violation of your privacy Because they find that they are being recorded, this causes a trust issue Lodge.

There are many places where one can hide. Camera; Tables, outlets, lamps, holes in doors or shelves, and even book covers.

For this reason, it is sometimes impossible to tell with the naked eye that you always have a camera that records you.

Usually, find one Video camera Special equipment is required Technology Sensitive to electromagnetic fields that can emit heat or radiation.

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However, at present, the Mobile technology It can work in your favor and help you find hidden cameras in your room Hotel.

Inn Tech bitWe tell you about some strategies that will help you find out Hidden cameras It may be in your room to prevent you from having an unpleasant experience during your vacation Holy Week.

ToF and LiDAR sensors for your mobile camera

If you have one Smartphone Of the company Apple You should know that the cameras of iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad Pro 2020 and iPad Pro 2021 have sensors. Lidar Integrated, it allows you to find out if there are any hidden cameras in your hotel room without having to install any apps. Cell.

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What these sensors do is combine the variables of distance, depth and intensity Computer philosophy And machine learning to detect these monitoring devices.

On the other hand, some Android devices like Galaxy S20 Ultra The Huawei P3 Pro They have sensors Very goodIt emits control laser signals to detect reflections in the lens of hidden cameras.

So when you open it Camera Yours Smartphone This will not only help you to take amazing pictures but also to find hidden cameras.

To do this, we recommend using yours Camera Explore the place with her, especially a Video cameraLet it be shelves, lamps, door handles, and so on.

Restoring Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Most current cameras have a connection WiFi The BluetoothSo in the first instance you can find out if there is one in your room by turning it on WiFi The Bluetooth Search for nearby devices.

If your search shows a device with an icon CameraIf so, pay attention, because there will probably be someone near you.

However, this will not help you to know where it is. So you have to use your camera Sensors To know your location.

Even if your camera does not have sensors, you can use Night Vision, which can detect hidden cameras, especially in dimly lit areas, and instantly detect the appearance of the camera.


There are apps that can help you find out Hidden cameras. In this case, we recommend that you install CaughtAn app that helps you find hidden cameras even if there are intruders on your camera WiFi Or damage to your network. The best thing is that it is free and does not show ads.

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You install once CaughtIf so, you know Hidden cameras. To do this, you need to click on the top right corner of the app. In this case, you need to approve the local permissions, and once you do, it will start scanning the location.

When done, you will see the list Tools Nearby. If in between Tools Some cameras have one with the manufacturer’s name or a list like “IP Camera”, and then there’s one in your room.

On the other hand, if at first glance you do not see any cameras, check the devices you see in the list, and if anything seems unusual, type the IP address to scan the open ports.

You need to press for this Red or network Select the option that says Open Ports.

Type the IP address you think is suspicious, then tap Open ports.

There will be a list of servers that say RTSP Y RTMP Used to broadcast video, and have HTTP The HTTPS Revelation Streaming d Video.

Now that you know how to find cameras in your hotel room, you can take precautions to avoid spying on your vacation.

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