How to easily replace your own car spark plugs at home

Cara Ganti Busi Mobil Sendir di Rumah dengan Mudah Anti Gagal

How to replace car spark plugs is very easy. You can even do it yourself at home. For that, find out how to do it.

Like any other vehicle, spark plugs are an important component of a car. This component acts as a gasoline-type vehicle propulsion.

Spark plugs are also an important component of the ignition system. These components support the combustion process in engine work cycles, both in cars and motorcycles.

Virtually every component of the vehicle plays a very important role. Especially for engine components to the ignition system.

These elements help to move the vehicle. Since the vehicle is a means of transportation that helps you, it is a good idea to make regular maintenance.

It’s like replacing a spark plug when it’s not fit for use. You can also use your own way to replace car spark plugs without the help of professionals.

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Learn how to replace car spark plugs at home

Spark plugs are an important component of all vehicles that run on gasoline. This element has a small form, but its role is very large.

For that, when the component has a problem, you should fix it immediately. If not, it will damage the car’s engine performance.

This includes even increasing fuel consumption. This is the result of less than the optimal ignition in the fuel chamber.

The car owner should check the spark plugs so that the ignition of the vehicle is better.

Also, to make sure it still performs well, you need to be careful about keeping it clean.

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The crust on the tip of the spark plug is the result of burning. For this reason, you should clean it regularly to maintain optimal spark plug performance.

If not, you can immediately replace the car spark plugs with new ones. Replacing is not difficult, you just need to follow these steps:

Open the hood of the car

The first way to replace a car’s spark plug is to open the hood. Make sure the car engine is cool when you want to replace it. Find the location of the spark plugs.

There are a lot of wires and connectors leading to the top of the machine. For a 4-cylinder car, you can see the wires attached to the 4 connectors leading to the engine parts.

As well as with the 3-cylinder car, the spark plug is located in the engine. Located exactly at the bottom of the cable. However, for each type of car, the location of the spark plug is in a different place. It is a good idea to read the manual to find out where the spark plugs are.

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Extinguish the spark

Once you find the location of the car’s spark plug, remove it immediately. We recommend pulling the spark plug wire open to the outside. In this case, pull on the head to prevent the cable from breaking.

Insert the spark plug lock into the spark plug housing section. Loosen counterclockwise until the spark plug is released. How to replace a car spark plug by first removing the old spark plug.

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Installing new spark plugs

Now is the time to install a new car spark plug by plugging it into the wrench first. Then you can add it to the spark plug housing.

Insert the spark plugs so that they can be installed correctly and rotate properly. You do not have to use a lot of power. Make sure the spark plug is in its final turn.

If it is too tight, it will damage the threads on the cylinder head. When it is installed correctly, do not forget to return the cables to their respective locations.

How to Replace Car Spark Plugs at Home Do not let the wires that you first removed get confused. To avoid this, it is a good idea to know exactly where the cable is and when it will be removed.

Vehicle inspection

The last step you can do when replacing spark plugs is to check the condition of the vehicle. Perform a vehicle inspection immediately after all steps from removal to replacement.

This step is the way you should proceed as proof of the successful failure of replacing the spark plug.

Start the car engine and make sure all the engine cylinders are working normally. If all goes well, it’s the right way to replace your own car spark plugs at home. (R10 / HR online)

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