How to Do Qualitative Research: 7 Easy Steps

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Submitting essays is half the deal when a student finally recruits their willpower. Yet, there might be some pitfalls including lack of authenticity (when a student copy-pastes other papers), a bundle of grammar/spelling mistakes, and the absence of qualitative research. When two are easy-manageable, the latter – qualitative research is a matter that requires time and dedication.

Check how to boost the process of gathering reliable data. 

7 Steps Toward Mastering Your Paper Research

Let’s start by defining what research is. It is a process of collecting and analyzing observations, data, interviews, existing research, surveys, polls, meanings among others. In simple terms, it is the depository of facts, and evidence that back up each of your statements and arguments. While you can easily pay someone to write your research papers from scratch, you should also try to practice it yourself. Find below the tips provided by experts from WriteMyPaperHub company.

#1 Narrow the Topic or Question

Either you are assigned a research paper topic or you can choose any for your liking, you should anyway narrow it. For example, you have research related to Youngsters’ Behaviors in Modern Society. You can play with the topic by asking yourself questions. Harmful or Positive Behaviours to write about? Social media behaviors? Family relationships toward further behaviors? The more questions appear, the more clear picture about the research you have.

#2 Find Trustworthy Data

Data stands for any reliable materials that can backup your topic with facts and evidence. It definitely involves literature, surveys, studies among others. Nowadays, students are recommended to avoid Wiki sources as well as skip the copy-pasting of other works’ sources. Try to collect at least 5 sources or more, and then when proceeding with the actual writing, you may narrow or add more of them too.

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#3 Think about Ethics

Qualitative research also stands for non-harmful data. It means that you correlate only with facts that have a solid background. You cannot simply write that youngsters are stupid and ungrateful. It has nothing to do with ethics. Beyond that, it concerns unbiased opinions. One tip for students – if you want to research such mainstreamed topics as Black Lives Matter movements, you’d better work on your opinions in order to not harm anyone.

#4 Work on Your Persuasion

Once you possess enough data and already thought about the ethical point of your paper, dedicate some time to building your persuasive statements. Again, do not try to make one believe that the Earth is flat but gradually provide a reader with facts that can be negotiable. Remember, you do the research but you also fill the paper with your firm observations that have a place under the sun. Avoid first-person sentences, and make your language clear and up to the point. 

#5 Refer to Other Works

Commonly, this step is advised during the beginning of the research but by conducting it later, you can compare your findings with others instead of copy-pasting ideas. Check what other students managed to write about a similar topic. Answer the question – Did the other student manage to deliver their research? Does it bring interesting/new information to readers? If you see that your sources are similar, it is not as bad as may seem at first. The main idea is to prove that you agree or disagree with the findings.

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#6 Practice Your Paper with Friends/Relatives

The best audience of every student is their friends or family members. To understand whether your research brings any value or not, you may read it to them. During your speech, ensure to check their reactions, and whether they are interested in listening to it, or if they manage to learn something new. One tip for this step – ensure their feedback is not biased. For instance, someone may cheer you up instead of telling the real opinion just not to hurt you.

If you do not like this approach, there are many online students’ communities, where others share their works for feedback. 

#7 Prepare a Note with Backups

Any time, your professor may have some questions about your research. Some professors have also the tendency to check whether the student wrote a paper alone or with the help of others. After completing your research, and paper, write important arguments in a note and literally learn them by heart. If needed, you will after negotiate every question with a professor, and you won’t be thought-about as a student who has plagiarized someone’s findings.

Final Tips on Qualitative Research

Together with the above-mentioned steps, you should stick to the following tips:

  • Avoid long-tiresome sentences where you go the extra mile persuading a reader. The same, avoid too short sentences because they do not bring much value and a reader may lose the track of all that said by you;
  • Prior to conducting research, ensure to learn ethical requirements from the professor. Some educational establishments provide students with Guidelines where rules are mentioned;
  • Stick to APA style. Otherwise, ask again your professor about the best or suitable style of formatting/writing.
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That’s pretty it. If you still lag behind making high-quality research, the best decision is to rely on writing specialists. Especially, it is a must when you miss all deadlines. Yet, ensure you familiarize yourself with a ready paper in full to negotiate any questions potentially issued by your educational establishment.

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