How to determine a person’s character by the shape of the thumb – Radio track

How to determine a person's character by the shape of the thumb - Radio track

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Our hands, especially our fingers, can say a lot about character. Take a closer look at your thumb, which is different from the others, find the same shape in the picture and read the description.

A. You are – Absolute, Are very attentive to their own ideas. You always find a humble way to succeed and you know how to do the best. At the same time, everything must be perfect and accurate.

B. If the lower phalanx of your thumb is larger than the upper, you are much larger Hard working man. Your ideas are always clear and it is not easy to confuse yourself. Despite the fact that life does not give you an easy way to succeed, you always overcome any obstacles.

IN. If the two flanges of the thumb are the same, you Balanced personOne who seeks unity and peace. People with such a thumb are calm and easy to communicate with. Life tests all your knowledge.

G. You too Emotional person. It is easy for you to adapt to changing circumstances and new circumstances. Plus, you’re creative and artistic. Your mind always finds interesting ways to solve problems and achieve goals.

D. If your finger is straight and flexible, it means you are BulldogThose who like to establish dominance. Some may think you are like a stone with a calm face, but they appreciate the fact that you always keep your promises. So they can always count on you.

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