How to convert videos from MKV to MP4 quickly and without quality loss

How to convert videos from MKV to MP4 quickly and without quality loss

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If you want to convert video files from MKV to MP4 without losing quality, you’re in luck because we’ll tell you all the ways to do it.

Although MKV video format has many advantages compared to others, it is important to note now that, Not all TVs and devices are capable of playing This content, therefore, requires converting this format to something more common, as is the case with MP4. That is why we have prepared this post and we will tell you all the ways to do it.

The MKV format is characterized by offering excellent content quality Does not compress No more information is lost such as when it will happen Convert JFIF files to JPEG. For this reason, many channels and media have opted for this type of multimedia content.MatroskaAbout MKV.

But if you don’t have a computer capable of playing this type of file natively, don’t worry because throughout this post, we’ll tell you all the ways to do it. Existing to convert videos from MKV to MP4, online and using mobile applications or programs on the computer. Best of all, these videos don’t lose quality in the process.

How to convert videos from MKV to MP4 using rebox.NET

You can convert MKV videos to MP4 using rebox.NET

To begin with, we will show you how to convert videos from MKV to MP4 on Windows computer one way A free program called rebox.NET.

In short, This application is very easy to understand., because you will have to load the video in the MKV format into the program, and, immediately, it will take care of returning a video in the more common new MP4 format. You do this without sacrificing the quality of the result.

  • The procedure is simple, since Once you download and install the program From rebox.NET on your computer Its official pageYou have to run it.
  • Then, click on the button “+” located above.
  • After doing this, a floating window will open from which you need to select the MKV file you want to convert.
  • Once you have selected it, click “”.play” The conversion will be implemented without loss of quality.
  • Finally, at the end of the conversion, you can choose where to save it on your computer.

How to Convert MKV Videos to MP4 Using VLC Player

Considered by many as the best multimedia player, VLC also allows you to convert MKV videos to MP4

Considered by many to be the best multimedia player, VLC also lets you convert MKV videos to MP4.

VLC is a multimedia file player that has not disappeared from the computers of millions of people around the world; good One of the most complete And capable of playing all kinds of formats. However, apart from this, it also works as an MKV to MP4 video converter.

If you are a user who explores all the details of the programs you usually use, you should already know this function. But if not, Don’t worryWell, we will explain in detail how to perform this video conversion process.

  • First thing Run VLC Player on your computer.
  • Then you have to click on the button MediumIn the top options bar.
  • In the list of options that are shown to you, you have to click change.
  • Now, you need to select the button add Select the MKV format video you want to convert.
  • As an added detail, VLC allows you to add subtitles to the result during conversion. For this, you have to check the box “Use a subtitle file“.
  • When you are done with this, you need to press the button Convert/Save.
  • That’s when you will be shown a window in which you need to indicate some parameters for the conversion and finally, choose the location to save it.
  • All that’s left is to click on Start to start the conversion process.

How to Convert MKV Videos to MP4 Online

But if you don’t want to install any programs on your computer, don’t worry, there are ways to convert. Convert MKV to MP4 videos for free And also online.

If Want to convert videos in these formatsYou should know that there are many online options to do this, but the most popular ones are:

These web pages are some of the well-known ones that allow you to convert videos between different formats. as well as, They are free and you don’t need to register. But you have to be careful because there are usually limits to the size they are allowed to convert.

Convert MKV videos to MP4 from Android mobile

It is one of the best tools for converting videos on Android

It is one of the best tools for converting videos on Android

On the other hand, if you want to convert directly from mobile, then You have applications As with the developed video converter, it is intended for this purpose and is free Vidsoft Lab.

This application natively supports FLV, MP4, MPEG-12, MKV, MOV, WMB, VOB, AVI, 3GP, MP3, AAC, WAV and SWF formats. In fact, This is one of its strongest pointsYou can convert between many types of files.

But that’s not all, because with Video Converter you can too Cut, join, slow down or speed up the video. This means that it is one of the most complete applications in this sense for converting and editing files.

Another interesting alternative for converting video files is Video Converter and Compressor, which you can download for free and which is always useful.

Convert MKV videos to MP4 from iOS mobile

If you have an Apple device, you should know that it can also be performed Video file conversions Directly from your computer without problems. Obviously you need a separate application for that.

Fortunately, as is the case with Android, you’ll find the best in the App Store Various applications designed to work As a video converter. Next, we will tell you which one is the most popular.

Media Converter – Player is a free application that you can install on your iPhone or iPad Compatible with different formatsMOV, MP4, MKV, VOB, 3G2, 3GP, WMV, FLV and more. It is a complete tool that can convert videos not only from MKV to MP4 but also to any other format.

But if this tool is not enough for you, you also have the developed video converter Float TechThat too Let you do this transformative work between different formats. Plus, it’s completely free and full of functions you’ll need to discover.

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