How To Clear Money To Speed ​​Up Slow Phone

How To Clear Money To Speed ​​Up Slow Phone

Smartphones are slowly starting to slow down. There are many reasons for the phone to slow down. However, in most cases, the storage of the phone is slow due to congestion. In particular, one of the reasons for the slow speed of phones is the app cache memory. Cache memory is used to load various websites and apps faster. Some data from cache memory, such as AutoFill, is used frequently. However, cleaning the phone’s cache memory regularly can improve the phone’s performance.

Is there no drop space on the smartphone? Do you think you have downloaded a lot of apps? If you think wrong. Clear the app’s cache memory before deleting the app. Then you will see that the storage of the phone is very empty. Find out how to do this.

Most Android phones use the Chrome browser. However, the method of clearing the cache is similar in other browsers. How to clear Chrome browser cache on Android phone:

* Open the Chrome browser.

* Select the menu button on the top right.

* Then select Settings.

* Now select the Privacy and Security option.

* After that you need to select clear browsing data.

* If you want to clear the cache for a certain period of time, it can be selected from the time range.

* If you only want to clear the cache, uncheck the browser history, cookies and site data option.

* At the end of it all, select the clear data option.

The first thing that comes to mind is to clear the browser cache, but clearing the cache memory can make a big difference in the performance of the phone. Learn how to clear app cache memory.

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* Open the settings on the Android phone.

* Now select storage.

* Select Ginger Apps.

* Here you will see all the apps one after the other, depending on how much storage an app uses.

* Select the app you want to clear the cache.

* Now select Clear Cache.

Also, if you want to clear all cache data on the phone, select Clear Storage. As a result, even if all the cache data is erased, all the apps will remain on your phone. Not only that. Deleting unwanted apps and photos on the phone will only speed up the phone.

(Dhaka Times / 24 August / AZ)

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