How to check new month electricity bill and payment methods in just 3 minutes

How to check new month electricity bill and payment methods in just 3 minutes

Saudi Electricity Company develops its services for all citizens and communicates with subscribers at any place and time. The developments carried out by the company include a special application for any smart phones, the name of the application and the name of electricity. This application is accompanied by the development of technical and electronic services, which makes it easy for everyone to know the electricity bill easily. ,

The electricity company said that any citizen can inquire about his electricity bill without waiting for the collector or checking the value of the receipt that has already reached the citizen, which is done electronically through the official page of the electricity holding company. It is made easy for the citizens after entering the meter number and this method by following some simple steps and in this article we will learn about the steps to inquire about the electricity bill.

How to inquire electricity bill by meter number in seconds 100% free

Electricity bill

All the citizens within the country are trying to know the information related to the electricity bill because the technological developments have now become indispensable as they can inquire about the electricity bill without going anywhere from the electricity application provided by them and make it easy for everyone. by the company or otherwise.

Electricity application

The feature of this application is that it serves all subscribers with ease through the tasks it provides, the most important of which are:

  • Inquire about electricity bill anytime by account number.
  • To know the status of the application, inquire by application number.
  • Easy access to service offices.
  • View all general information.
  • Possibility to register for electric bill services and mobile messages.
  • Fill out the customer service questionnaire.
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How to pay electricity bill

Electricity bill can be paid through some electronic means provided by the bank,

  • Credit cards
    Where you can pay with a credit card, either Visa or Mastercard, through our Services website or through your bank account.
  • Phone banking
    It is available to anyone who subscribes to the phone banking service within the transaction bank.
  • ATM
    Through any automated teller machine affiliated with the bank or by using one of the cash payment machines available in the bank.
    By visiting the website of the bank where the transaction is between you.
  • Bank approval
    The invoice value is deducted directly from the account and the transaction is authorized by the bank.
    Where certified bank checks are acceptable for payment of consumption bill.
  • POS
    Pay electricity bill through Point of Sale available at Subscriber Service Offices.

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