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How To Change Your Voice In WhatsApp Conversations To Any Voice You Want, Brighten Your Friends Up On WhatsApp Now

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A new feature that lets you transform your voice into any voice you want in WhatsApp conversations through large and distinct voices, and you can use this method to surprise your friends, and you can learn in detail how to translate voice into WhatsApp conversations in detail, with clarity, with adequate explanation. Until the app becomes a big part of our lives, there is no doubt that the WhatsApp app serves millions of people every day, and you can review strategies and change the voice of anything you want and send it to your friend on WhatsApp.

It should be noted that with this app you can also change your voice in Facebook conversations, and there are a lot of WhatsApp users from all over the world, they change the voices in WhatsApp conversations is a joke and a joke. This is no longer considered difficult, and this report explains how to change your voice through a WhatsApp conversation via a microphone icon.

Change the voice in WhatsApp messages

Converting your voice in WhatsApp to different sounds is now very easy, we review in the following steps how to change your voice through WhatsApp conversations that you can buy to change the voice, and the user can find the WhatsApp app that uses the WhatsApp app. Surprises relatives and lovers.

How To Change Voice In WhatsApp Messages

There are many difficult steps, and by following them, you will know the complete way to easily change the sound in WhatsApp messages.

  • Install the Super Voice Editor app from the App Store on your phone.
  • Then open the app on the phone.
  • Enter the Microphone tab.
  • Record the audio clip or message you want to change your voice on WhatsApp.
  • Enter the symbol (OK).
  • Enter the Save Sounds icon to change the volume to different sounds you want through the app.
  • Then rename the audio clip.
  • Then enter the message activation sign (yellow microphone shortcut icon at the end of the application interface).
  • A microphone icon will appear on the mobile screen.
  • Then open the WhatsApp app.
  • After creating a shortcut at the screen level, insert the microphone.
  • Then enter the name of the audio clip. The app will give you a delay (3 seconds) and then start sending the message to the person you specified in the voice of your choice.واتساب
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With this feature, you can easily change your voice to any voice on WhatsApp and brighten up your friends with this new feature

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