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How to avoid the forgetfulness curve and improve memory in learning

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Performance as a student is important for gaining different knowledge and developing critical thinking. The organization associated with learning cannot be avoided, but the habit of exercising the mind also helps. When compressing innumerable contents, memory needs to work.

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The forgetful curve created by psychologist Hermann Abigail in 1885 explains that most of the information in the brain is lost after a few days. However, from this observation, some methods have been developed to increase knowledge retention.

Check out 5 tips to avoid forgetting curves and study well

Review content 24 hours after viewing
If you’ve seen a class or read some text to learn a particular idea, do not hesitate to review the information. This immediate review is intended to repeat what you have learned because many of them are easy to remember.

Review the topics of each topic

Make summaries and divide them into topics, always arranging the knowledge gained visually in a simple way. Use mind maps, graphs, and tables to try to sync your notes.

Prioritize practical knowledge

Continuing in theory alone is a mistake, especially for those who are tested on an exam, so look on the internet for simulations and questions related to your schedule, and monitor your ability to interpret.

Review periodically

In addition to waiting for the first day to do the first review, set up periodic reviews, for example, 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month. Even if the content is brief, always go back to it and actively read and pay attention to the material and explain as you teach.

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Make learning an unforgettable experience

Did you know that you never forget because the teacher suggested a creative activity? This is the idea. Find interesting video lessons, study in a group; Make presentations to simplify this moment and explore your creativity.

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