How the Budget Smartphone Disrupted the Tech Race

Who remembers the day when Steve Jobs in his famous black shirt and blue jeans attire revealed the iPhone in 2007? It was a glorious day for all the tech enthusiasts. And it is safe to say that this moment changed the world of smartphones forever. Since the launch of the iPhone, major tech companies like Samsung and Sony have been competing against Apple to offer the sharpest screens, the best cameras, and the fastest processors in their devices. This competition turned out to be a blessing for the consumers as they were getting to see the evolution of mobile devices as they became more and more feature-friendly. However, it wasn’t long before the prices of smartphones started to skyrocket as additional megapixels and RAM began to cram into the devices.

The Growth of Smartphones

Over the past few decades, the screen size of smartphones has gotten bigger, and the storage capacity has also increased significantly. In addition, the ability to use the internet on mobile is no longer a dream. In fact, these days there are different networks that compete to deliver the best service. But I am content with my Spectrum internet packages as it lets me download apps and stream videos effortlessly.

Also, do you remember flip phones? They were definitely trendy during the ‘90s and early 2000s. But their popularity quickly declined. Well, if you were a fan of them then get ready as they are making a mainstream comeback. Yes, that’s right! Samsung has launched new folding screen devices. You should totally check them out as they are pretty rad.

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The Dawn of the Budget Smartphone

As there are some brands that are popular for their flagship series like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy, there are other brands that are focusing on producing more affordable handsets. Thus, the budget smartphone is currently experiencing a big boom. And while Apple continues to manufacture its devices for high-end consumers, names such as Motorola and Samsung have started to produce mobiles with lower specs so they can better meet the consumer demand.

In developed countries where the smartphone market is thriving, people are always on the lookout for the latest devices that are more technically advanced. On the contrary, in countries with a low GDP, buying an expensive mobile is what not most of the population would prefer.

This has created a gap in the market which has been capitalized by both large and small players like Realme, Xiaomi, and Oppo. In recent years, these companies have started to give tough competition to bigger brands as they are offering everything that people would expect from a decent phone i.e., 4G connectivity and App Store functionality.

The Impact of the Budget Smartphones

The boost in the popularity of budget smartphones has had a huge impact on the related industries including brands that serve web services and apps through mobile devices. And as the smartphone companies have started to focus on developing international markets, so have the other industries. For instance, the gambling industry is now trying to target new players in India who are also trying their best to ensure their products can be enjoyed smoothly without the need for the latest technology. One important factor that plays a key role in the online gambling industry is mobile optimization. And with so many titles to play across different devices shows that the industry is highly accessible than it was a decade ago.

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Another impact is that both phone manufacturers and brands that serve customers online have come together to provide a seamless experience. Different news websites, online shops, and gaming platforms have taken the approach to reduce the load and offer basic functionality so that people who are using less powerful devices can easily access the site. And they will continue to work with each other to find an optimal balance that is both accessible and leading-edge.


The budget smartphone has become a rage in developing countries. Today, almost everyone has a mobile device. And it is because of its affordability factor that people prefer getting them than spending on high-end smartphones like iPhone or Galaxy series. However, there is a market of such consumers who are huge fans of Apple and Samsung and will like nothing more than to invest in their products.

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