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How Richard Branson’s Suborbital Flight Will Go Sunday

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Aerospace company Virgin Galactic will send its founder billionaire Richard Branson into space on Sunday, July 11th. Four passengers on the VSS unit embark on a 90-minute mission.

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Virgin Galactic’s business is mainly focused on space tourism. Following the crash of its suborbital aircraft in 2014, the company built a new example of the Spaceship Two. This vehicle called Unity was unveiled to the big fans and can be seen in this video.

Richard Branson passed Jeff Bezos Inside Space race. The billionaire must take his first flight Suborbital Sunday, July 11 Thanks to his company Virgin Galaxy. Mission Unity22 EDT (3:00 pm KST) will start at 9:00 am Spaceport America, New Mexico. Branson will be accompanied by three passengers: the instructorAstronauts Beth Moses, engineer Colin Bennett, and Sirisha Bandula, vice president of the Virgin Galactic affiliate of government affairs.

Suborbital flights, a private matter

The boat will carry out the mission VSS Unity Spaceship Two The pilot was Dave McKay and Michael Masucci, two regulars on the ship who had already made several test flights. The unit carrying the VMS Eve aircraft will be abandoned at an altitude of 15,000 meters. It will then lead to the boundaries of space for an aircraft Length 90 minutes. Take the device off the wearer and reach the target four minutes later.

Details on how the Virgin Galactic aircraft will open have not yet been released. Awesome ships never exceed Corman Line, Located 100 km from the earth and defining the boundaryAtmosphere Land and land in the opinion of the International Aeronautical Federation. However, NASA’s militaryAir The United States and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have acknowledged that an altitude of 80 km is sufficient to be considered a suborbital. The highest flight ever earned by a spaceship It took place on May 22, 2021, a apogee 89.24 km / h and the top speed of the Mac 3.

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In a space race where many American billionaires started body and soul, Branson Blue emerges from the feet of original boss Jeff Bezos. The latter will change his first suborbital flight to this The first human force in the New Shepherd Capsule July 20.

Mission Unity22 Will be broadcast Live on the Virgin Galactic YouTube Channel.

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