How people with autism conquer the world

How people with autism conquer the world

About 800,000 people in Germany are known as “Autism Spectrum Disorder”. This is a developmental disorder that is not always easy to identify.

Teen Jason does not believe that people with autism can sympathize with others: “We can empathize with millions of people,” he says of his actions. Like Greta Thanberg of Sweden, he is committed to climate protection and is writing a book about the Big Bang.

In his spare time, he travels with his father to football stadiums in Europe: “At first he didn’t want to take me with him. Then he argued that this would be too much for me, but in the end I won,” says Jason.

“Wired differently”

An autism spectrum disorder has both genetic, untreatable and neurological causes. Doctors see a major cause of communication difficulties, for example, weakness in mental state. The brain “wires” differently. In general, interlocutors coordinate and synchronize with each other better. Even the heart rate can be adjusted. Recognition means recognition. Autistic people cannot read these signals automatically.

Develop strategies

30-year-old Killian Sturf has conquered the world as a photographer with a camera. However, when it comes to social interaction, Killian has a few things to do. His mother should teach him how others feel. For example, watching movies. Others consciously have to work hard for him, for example on vacation trips: “For years we always went to Ireland as a couple, for about three weeks every year. We visited familiar places there, met acquaintances, so it never happened. There was a camera.

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This is how Killian freed himself from the “glass house” as 67-year-old Werner K calls it autism. Werner K. Despite having an above-average IQ, contemptuous things make him a problem. He is aware of the internal conflicts that people with autism live in.

Glass to be at home. In this dilemma, on the one hand he wants to live on his own, but still seeks a dialogue with the outside world.

Werner K.

Werner K, who is fighting for Bavaria to become a pioneer to include people with autism. The state government is working on an autism strategy. His goal is to create more awareness about autism and provide better assistance to those affected: “Inclusion includes without ifs or butts. People with autism are not included, they are excluded, sometimes uneducated. Only a few have jobs.”

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