How much does a PS5 cost and can you get one before Christmas?

How much does a PS5 cost and can you get one before Christmas?

Most Wanted Christmas Gift of the Year (Photo: Sony)

Sony’s next PlayStation 5 console will launch in the UK this week, but it’s not cheap, and it’s not easy to catch both.

The PlayStation 5, Sony’s next generation video game console, is finally available in the UK. It’s already been a week in other parts of the world, but thanks to the complexities of dealing with the corona virus pandemic Sony, Sony has not been able to organize a worldwide launch at the same time.

However it is very good and it has not been much awaited and at least the UK fans now know exactly what to expect Console yourself and all its games.

The only problem is whether you can catch a PlayStation 5 if you have not pre-ordered one that is going to be a problem around the world.

Pre-orders were discontinued a long time ago but more stock is expected in stores from today, however this means that it is easier to pick one up.

How much is PS5 in the UK?

The PlayStation 5 is 9449.99 in the UK, which is the equivalent of the rival Xbox Series X.

There are actually two models of PlayStation 5, the digital version is similar but there is no disk drive to play games and movies. However, from the price of $ 90, $ 359.99.

Although next week is Black Friday, those prices are likely to remain high for a long time due to high demand and low stock, although you may get some good value bundles from some retailers, but the higher price includes additional controllers and games.

PS5 digital version

The digital version is the cheapest option (Image: Sony)

How can I buy a PS5 console for Christmas in the UK?

This is a big question, and one that has no easy answers.

Pre-orders are irrelevant from now on as the console is officially launched everywhere officially, but most retailers have nothing to sell as stock is still limited.

Amazon and the game have said they will get stock today but it is likely to sell out very quickly – in about an hour – or so I hope you are lucky enough to check out these websites and as many different stores as possible.

The only other real alternatives If you are a customer, they will be ordering through BT from today onwards to take orders or place restrictions on eBay.

EBay sellers charge thousands of pounds for PlayStation 5 pre-orders, and those prices are unlikely to ever become more sensible.

As the weeks and months go by the stock situation will slowly improve, so just because you didn’t get a console today, or even this month, doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance in December.

Sony has not said when they expect the PlayStation 5 to be easily available, but Microsoft has warned that the Xbox Series X will not be in that position until April next year, so you’ll be looking for something similar to the PlayStation 5. .

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