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Jupiter and Saturn have many moons. But the poor earth has only one. What will happen if the number of moons around the earth increases? How many moons can Earth handle? How many moons will set in our sky? Will it keep Earth safe? What will be the effect on its gravitational force? Earth movement will not be a problem.

According to a new study, our Earth could handle two more moon-sized moons. The smaller the size, the more Moon will handle it. The study is based on 3000 years of simulations. This is a simulation based on a hypothetical situation. It is clearly written in the study paper that the stability of the Moon on the Earth is maintained by the force of gravity.

Earth can handle three moons the size of its moon. (Photo: AP)

Three types of moon sizes were calculated

Man and other creatures are alive because of the relationship and balance between the Moon and the Earth. If there is a change in these, a great disaster can happen on earth. In their simulations, the scientists talked about managing two more moon-sized moons. In addition, he also simulated a moon of three different sizes. First – equal to the weight of the current moon. The second – less than six times the mass of Pluto, i.e. the current Moon and the third – one-hundredth the mass of the dwarf planet Ceres, i.e. the current Moon.

3.4…7, so many satellites can be placed on Earth

All three simulations showed that Earth could accommodate two more Moon-weight moons. Four moons the size of Pluto can orbit the Earth. Seven Ceres-sized moons orbit the Earth. But the size and weight of these seven should be equal. Not all moons of Jupiter and Saturn are the same size or mass, says Suman Satyal, a physicist at the University of Texas at Arlington.

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Four moons the size of Pluto and seven moons the size of Ceres could be placed on Earth.  (Photo: AP)
Four moons the size of Pluto and seven moons the size of Ceres could be placed on Earth. (Photo: AP)

The formation of the planets in the solar system is different

Suman Satyal said that many of the moons found in the two planets are of different sizes. We can only estimate from any simulation. The real situations are very good and scary. Mercury and Venus are the only planets in our solar system without a single moon. This indicates that these planets formed in different positions. They have their own gravitational force. Studying them gives an idea about their strengths and weaknesses.

The two exomoons are about 150 million kilometers from Earth

Suman Satyal’s fellow physicist Billy Quarles said that our model does not include gravity. Because if he did, it would be very difficult in simulation and calculation. With our simulations we can also apply mathematics outside the solar system. Currently, there are two exomoons 150 million kilometers from Earth.

Three moons will increase the light at night

Night weather will be good as more moon comes around the earth. Light may increase. But all satellites must be at different distances from Earth. That is why they appear in different sizes. Each day they will increase or decrease in size. It will be beautiful to see. This research is recent Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Published in

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