How many movies does Netflix have? Germany by global comparison

How many movies does Netflix have?  Germany by global comparison

How many movies does Netflix have? How many of them reach the real German audience? The question is justified, because the streaming service is a series pioneer. Here are the facts.

Have you ever asked yourself when scrolling through the Netflix offer, How many movies does Netflix have? Really? Do all countries where Netflix is ​​available have the same number of movies or the same movies? Because of the different release windows and different licensing rules and license holders nationally for movie movies, we can say that each country finds a different number of movies and very different movies on Netflix. But how does Germany perform in an international comparison?

How many movies does Netflix really have?

If you’re wondering how many movies Netflix has, the California streaming service is the worst place. Because the platform does not provide a complete overview of all his movies and series. Even if you select the alphabetical view on Netflix and continue scrolling down, the list will eventually end without giving us a comprehensive picture of all available options.

The situation is further exacerbated by the fact that movies and series actually leave the platform again and again and new ones are added as the license rights expire. So the number of movies on Netflix is ​​always in Flux. In the best case scenario, approximate figures are possible. Search engines that specialize in searching for streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Company are particularly suited for this purpose.

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Germany has the lowest number of pictures on Netflix?

According to a November 2020 survey by streaming search engine JustWatch Is determined At the time of the measurement there were 4102 films in Germany. Compared to its streaming rival Amazon Prime, it was only one-third, according to streaming search engine RealGood, which had 12,828 movies in July 2020. Restricted.

Amazon Prime USA is also ahead when compared directly to Netflix USA. Because Netflix in the US has no better stock than Germany with 5,349 movies. Internationally, Ireland leads with 5,573 films. When asked how many movies Netflix offers, it is also important to keep in mind that you may not be able to watch all the movies on offer with the best willpower in the world. On the one hand you do not have time, on the other hand the program changes often, you can not really continue.

Having trouble finding good movies on Netflix? Here’s a good selection of films for you on Netflix (excluding Netflix in-house productions). This created a lot of excitement even before the premiere of the much-criticized Netflix movie. If you have enough Netflix, canceling is very easy.

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