How Kanidja slept with Vujadin Boskov

How Kanidja slept with Vujadin Boskov

Explained the difference between popular Miha generations

“I know how to turn on the phone and talk. I’m from another generation. Today children write without looking at buttons. It takes me three hours to write a message. You have to adjust everything, but when there’s too much, they have to understand. Not communicating, we are all like mummies. Someone asked me yesterday about the PlayStation .It’s not for relaxation, it’s to read a book. If you stay home to play video games, do not rest your brain. It will lose your energy before the game. I am not saying it should not be used, but there should be limits, ”he said.

Vujadin Boskov
Photo: Profimedia

Miha also shared a story with former national team selector Vujadin Bokov and legendary Argentine Claudio Kanidja.

“Here’s a description of mobile phones. Vujadin Boskov called us all to see if we’re all back home. I was at dinner once, I came back at 11.30 at night, he called me before, I was not there. Professional. ”Claudio gave him his mobile number, I thought he was at dinner with me, and Xenia laughed.

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Claudio Canidia
Photo: Profimedia

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