How is St. Patrick’s Day celebrated in French-speaking countries?

How is St. Patrick's Day celebrated in French-speaking countries?

In Monaco

The Principality of Monaco, located on the French Mediterranean coast, is not to be missed on St. Patrick’s Day. The royal family wears green and white to pay homage to the Irish flag. The Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra pays homage to Princess Grace Kelly and her Irish roots.

On Reunion Island

On the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day, on the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean, the band Gain Aim performs concerts with traditional Irish music at various locations on the island. Artists play in the capital, St. Denis, in the harbor or on the mountains.

Musician playing bagpipe, a traditional Irish instrument. Photo: Pixby

In Quebec

Quebec City celebrates St. Patrick’s Day every year. On this occasion, the capital of Quebec organizes the famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade through the streets of the city. This tradition begins in 1837 and ends in 1916 due to World War I.

Quebec City has celebrated St. Patrick’s Day again since 2010, thanks to a staff committee. In addition to bagpipe concerts, participants can see Irish wolf hounds, lepers and Celtic dances.

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