How Ireland is switching to contactless payments across the board

Contactless payments have been on an uprise since the pandemic crossed paths worldwide. The frightening thought of contracting the virus led to the adoption of contact-free payments. This is how these non-contacting payment solutions have emerged to be omnipresent. From merchants to financial institutions, these no-touch payments have been heavily encouraged by all. Apart from Covid-19 creeping in, there have been other reasons as well which led to this revolution. One of the strongest reasons is technical advancements which have been skyrocketing for some time now. These innovations have paved the way to make the lives of customers simpler and businesses efficient.

What is the contact-free payment gateway in Ireland?

The reason behind establishing a touchless payment gateway in Ireland is to incorporate speedier payment services. Develop a robust infrastructure that can handle multiple tasks with efficiency. A faster payment gateway, better evolved and comes with enhanced security. These contact-free solutions have been assimilated by retailers for rendering a stellar customer experience. Additionally, this payment processing would save the bountiful time of everybody. Moreover, convenience and ease of understanding are ingrained in these noncontact payment solutions.

Enumerate the latest contact-free payment features


Near-field communications supported contactless master cards have been launched in the market. These cards conformed to a high-end technology that has replaced the requirement of swiping. Instead, the payments can now be processed with just a tap on the card reader using RFID technology. These pay contactless MasterCard are all-inclusive, just like the ones available on

The cardholders who have an NFC integration can easily make payments even from their smartphones or smartwatch. So, a customer making humongous purchases at a grocery store can speedily make their contactless payments. Now they need not wait in long queues or even worry about their transaction safety. Since these transactions are undertaken are risk-free and secure.

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E-wallets for Gen X

Our smartphone generation would lookout for payment solutions that are manageable from the phone. This newer generation would seek advancements that are more productive and faster. Thus Google and Apple Pay have entered our lives in a paradisiacal way. These mobile wallets have QR codes availability that can be easily scanned to initiate a payment with pay contactless. These wallets are easy-to-use and protected from any fraudulent activities as well. Furthermore, the best part about such payments is the accessibility from any part of the world.

Contactless Point of Sale terminals

A contact-free PoS supports can effectively support mobile devices enabled with NFC. It can also effortlessly support contactless as well as dual interface chips cards. These PoS terminals are used by vendors to optimize transaction processing speed and cut-down frauds. has a range of advanced point of sale tools that are both dynamic and flexible.

These PoS terminals infused with power-packed integrations will proffer customers with an exceptional user experience. Since the payment settlement will be done within seconds plus the checkout process will be immaculate. Your customers will get loyalty discount packages and reward points. This will keep both the merchants as well the customers doubly delighted.

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