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How Gala’s “Freed from Desire” Became a Blues Song

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Planetary Tube from the mid-1990s, Freed from desireItalian singer Gala Rizzato is enjoying a second youth The French team It was adopted as their anthem. On social networks, we could see Kylian Mbappe His teammates in the locker room sing the chorus of the song, whose title (“liberated from desire” is French) and lyrics like a festive manifesto for freedom, against the worship of money, unfettered materialism.

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Over time, the song established itself as a feminist and queer banner embraced by the LGBT+ community. ” I am happy that the French team is using my songGala said. Freed from desire A passage that talks about energy and resilience. I understand it has to do with wanting to score a goal.»

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Popularized by Northern Irish people in 2016

This is not the first time that this song has been played in stadiums. At Euro 2016, Northern Ireland fans celebrated with their player Will Grigg Freed from desire, popularizing a fan-made song at his Wigan club. This year, it was also sung by France’s XV rugby players to celebrate their Grand Slam in the Six Nations tournament.

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What’s next after this ad?

What’s next after this ad?

Gala, who arrived in Doha on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, said: “ If the French invite me to become world champions, I want to sing for them to celebrate.“Answer this Sunday… Meanwhile, this resurgence of popularity is already being felt on music platforms. Tube Yesterday was the 3rd most listened song on Deezer. Old unofficial songs of the blues also go to the hit parade: between December 9 and 10, the song written by Wedgedream for the 2018 World Cup,Bring home the cup210% compared to 129%I will SurviveGloria Gaynor accompanying the French coronation in 1998. A true “mark of influence. World Cup“.

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