How France and Ireland overcame their six-nation rivals

How France and Ireland overcame their six-nation rivals

This is the strike rate based on the frequency of tackles your opponents have on the 22nd and the time they spend with the ball while they are in the ‘red zone’. Ireland averaged 12.3 tackles from 22 opponents and averaged 11.8% of the time. France averaged 12.7 tackles and 10.7% of the time on the ball.

By comparison, the inconsistency and intrusion of England’s aggressive play in three matches so far is evident when Eddie Jones’ team has averaged 9.3 tackles, averaging 9.3 over 22 opponents.

Ireland and France lead the league with 22 and 16 line breaks, respectively, while England are third with 15, and Ireland 57, ahead in terms of time spent in rival territory. 2%, France 55.9%.

At the other end of the pack, both teams are on the defensive, with France conceding just 5.3 innings at their 22 average, bringing Ireland’s total to six. There is a similar pattern in terms of discipline, with Ireland conceding a total of 25 penalties, second only to France and Italy. England and Wales conceded a total of 35 penalties and Scotland 38.

An eye-catching statistic from England defense coach Anthony Seabold, Ireland’s ability to contact the yard at the post, is the highlight of their campaign with 1118 meters. Italy have played 13 games so far) Sunday. With 793 yards, England is second most effective here and France is third with 773 yards.

It is true that Jones insists that his team is not afraid of anyone after England’s victory over Wales, because his players need a wake-up call as the Championship enters the commercial phase.

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England can still win the title, but for now it all depends on their ability to bridge the gap between France and Ireland. Otherwise, it would be a major setback for Jones’ World Cup plans.

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