How do you see a nigu object that could be a space junk near Earth today?

How do you see a nigu object that could be a space junk near Earth today?

This photo from 1964 shows a centaur upper-stage rocket. Space Object 2020 SO may be one of these.


The moon should not feel too jealous. Earth now has another satellite, but this is only a temporary escape. The exact identity of the object, named 2020 SO, is still a question, but you can see it as it approaches Earth on Monday, November 30th. The Virtual Telescope Project Flyby will be broadcast live.

Earth’s gravity captured our planet’s orbit earlier this month, making 2020 SO a kind of mini-moon.

In general, we want Expect an object like this to be an asteroid, There are a lot of people flying in space. But the 2020 SOC may have a more terrifying identity. The orbit of the 2020 SO around the Sun – which is very similar to Earth – has convinced researchers that it is not a rock. But this is actually space junk From a NASA mission.

The closest approach to our planet is on December 1st. Virtual Telescope Project a The livestream starts on November 30 at 2 p.m..

Gianluca Massik, founder of the Virtual Telescope Project, was able to capture a scene of a small object on November 22nd.

The Virtual Telescope Project saw the 2020 SO on November 22nd. The arrow points to the object.

Gianluca Masi / Virtual Telescope Project

Scientists at NASA JPL Center for Earth-Object Studies (CNEOS) The path of the 2020 SO was analyzed and tracked in a timely manner.

“One of the possible paths to the 2020 SO was to bring the object very close to Earth and the Moon in late September 1966.” CNES Director Paul Chodas said in a statement to NASA earlier in November. “It was like a Eureka moment when the launch dates for lunar missions were quickly checked.

NASA’s Bad Surveyor 2 Lander crashes on the moon’s surface, but the Centaur rocket booster escapes into space.

NASA expects the 2020 SO to orbit in an orbit until March 2021. Shared by the Agency’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office a A view of an object’s journey around the Earth.

The forthcoming next approach should give astronomers the opportunity to dial in the composition of the 2020 SO and tell if it is a remnant from the 1960s.

Even with binoculars, the 2020 SO should be a bright spot of light moving against the darkness of space. Interestingly, a portion of the space history is given the opportunity to witness the return to the old stamping grounds.

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