How do you know if you have read Facebook messages and where the hidden conversations are (photo)

How do you know if you have read Facebook messages and where the hidden conversations are (photo)
Whether you like the app or not Facebook Messenger notifies your friends when they read their messages in the virtual environment. But what do all the dots and ticks that appear in your conversation mean? And many more Usage I do not know if there is a hidden place where some things that people write to you end.

Business Insider Review all visual elements that accompany messenger messages, not those who do not know or recognize what they are for.

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Here are the meanings:

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  • Blue circle means the message was sent
  • The blue circle inside shows that the message was sent
  • A blue circle with a white view inside tells you that the message has reached the recipient
  • If the interlocutor reads the message, you will see a dot with a picture of the related friend in the thumbnail.

Source: Facebook

In the desktop version, things are simple, you see a check mark in the chat window with the word “seen” and the date the message was viewed.

Source: Facebook

Secret menu

But Facebook also has a menu for messages that many people do not know. When a person who is not on your friend list writes to you, you will receive a notification in the message request section.

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But this does not always seem to be the case Emirates

When its algorithm decides that you can meet that person, Facebook sends you a notification and everything else is considered Spam.

But what if it is not? If a former classmate or friend who has not spoken to you for years has written to you, do you not have regular friends?

You can find these messages if you follow certain steps in the application on your phone:

  • – Go to Messages
  • – Click on the configuration icon
  • – Click “People”
  • – “Message Requests”
  • – Go to the “View Filtered Requests” setting
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