How do you know how many people are in a place?

How do you know how many people are in a place?

Are you going to visit a place and make sure it is busy there? So you can find thanks to Google Maps.

Google Map Developed over the years from “simple” maps and navigation app. Complete platform Aimed at drivers and anyone else who wants to know any kind of information about a specific location.

Ability to join the service is one of the latest features Find out if a place is busy, To choose the best time of day to visit it.

Google Maps on Android Smartphone | Photo: Christian Colorado

Find out if you’re busy before visiting a place on Google Maps

Google Maps Offers Two different ways To find out if a place is busy or not. The application offers the possibility of knowing How many people are in a particular place?, Or know If part of the map is too busy Live.

The method of examining this information is different in each case. Next, we look at the steps to follow depending on what you want to know:

Thanks to Google Maps you can find out if the subway or bus is “up” by people.

Find out how many people are in an organization

If you want to Be sure to check out the restaurant, shopping mall and amusement park Or any other institution you would like to visit Will not be To the top Of people Google Maps offers the possibility of this when you visit You know how busy these places are In real time, by an approximate figure used User location data To count the number of people who were in that place.

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In this case, you can Know how busy the place is to visit If you search for it on Google Map and tap on its name. When you scroll down the information card for that location, you will see a Bar graphic Showing Flow, Live and during the rest of the day. Plus, you can Change the day From the drop-down menu at the top, you can plan your visit well.

Find out how busy an area on the map is

In addition to letting you know about an organization’s arrival, Google Maps lets you know for a moment If an area of ​​the map is too busy.

Google explains how Google Maps knows the traffic you find on the route

In this context, The notification will appear automatically When you place a map in a busy area, there is an orange indicator indicating that it is there Great flow Where you intend to visit, you can see in the image below these lines:

Busy area on Google Map.

Google Maps lets you know if an area on the map is currently too busy.

If this notice does not appear, you can visit the area without fear of an appointment Crowds.

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