How do we fix data usage issues when using Chrome browser?

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Chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world today, but it can cause some users to increase their internet data usage or hardware performance issues.

Many technologists believe that the large amount of data that the Chrome browser experiences while using the Internet sometimes puts pressure on devices’ random access memory and processors, increasing battery power consumption, so some can handle this problem by opening pages in active mode only when browsing.

To achieve this, you need to take advantage of the “Sleeping Pages” feature in your browser. After typing the address of a new page in the browser, the freeze user-agent request header feature must be activated, and then the browser puts the selected pages in idle mode, thus reducing the rate of data traffic through the computer or phone, however, reducing the battery power consumption on those devices.

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Experts also advise shutting down permanently after working with Internet users, because opening multiple pages and sites at the same time puts pressure on the device’s memory and slows down the device’s overall performance.

Some recent versions of Chrome have a startup boost feature that helps reduce data consumption and battery consumption and relieves stress by placing certain web pages in idle mode when not in use on computers.

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