How do they hack into the economy? – Financial

How do they hack into the economy?  - Financial

I am left to tell another part of the investigation that takes place after the inquiry Cyber ​​Attack We know SPEI. I was telling you a few days ago that cyber theft had affected SPEI activity for several weeks after three years and directly affected five institutions in the United States who know nothing, but say they are moving forward with the investigation.

I did not tell them, and since then the authorities in that country are getting closer to the criminal gang, they assure, because they did other things at this time as well with this crime. Very interesting cyber scams related to Point of Sale Terminals (POS). There they ‘hack’ or install chips that send transaction information to other sites that are ghosts for business; This is the same bank as the US authorities, so they have not stopped looking for them.

The way it works, they go to the shops, they accept and take over the goods they buy themselves, and when the shop collects the purchase it is never seen in the transactions, – remember the robbery Mint, They assure that this type of theft is already at its peak in Mexico and that the epidemic has increased to an even greater extent and that they are SPEI-like purchases to remove goods that were owned by third parties, but that the business has never registered, and that activity has increased, both in Mexico and in the United States. I hope they prevent that.

Because we have attacks and robberies, this week was a turning point Fintech Dupla, It was one of the first to be recognized National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) To act as a platform Technical funding, Is the victim of the theft of information about their clients and authorities, which first speaks positively to them, first and foremost like everyone else, saying that they are doing a “system update”.

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The Theft of consumer information Email accounts, Passwords and number configuration configuration data are requested to provide a ‘ransom’ to prevent the cybercriminal information from being made public or for sale. Darkweb, Informed sources assure us of this issue, not paid, but we searched the system for “where it entered”; One week after the incident, I can tell you that they still do not know exactly where the ‘window’ was opened for this theft to take place, which should be an alarm signal for everyone. Fintech Already approved, because of course these cyber criminals will continue with them.

On the other side of the coin, although it is a provision that came into force last year for all public servants to present declarations of assets and interests to combat corruption, it seems that the authorities do not understand where they are. There is a huge disagreement in the teachers’ union, which is one of the most divisive, and despite the fact that they were the first to be vaccinated within the framework and that it was a Teacher’s Day gift, if the emails do not present this data and their partners later this month because of harassment, they may lose their places.

That’s right, there is only some personal data in the ‘simplified’ declaration for department heads or a monthly gross income of 20,000 pesos. Although they are already in their second year of presenting it, the harassment caused by the increase in crime in entities, Databases and threats The only thing they can take away from the seats is a ‘Molotov cocktail’ that the authorities have not measured in any way. Now, the coin is in the air.

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