How do teen events make young people like uniforms?

How do teen events make young people like uniforms?

Some of our parents knew him, but We should never wear it: School uniform. Since 1968, it has not been mandatory in French schools. If we can still find it, in some private schools, the system as a whole remains very trivial. What if that famous school uniform came back?

Will the school uniform return soon?

In a survey started on Instagram accountOops! My Mag, Feedback is mixed. While some of our subscribers and some of us definitely disagree, preferring to develop a personal identity, Others prefer not to close the door on this idea.

The vast majority support the return of uniforms. “Because there are sophisticated kids who don’t wear brands and trendy clothes. There are often jokes among kids. At least everyone will feel the same, Can we read in the comments, “At least not Intimidation Related to each person’s style of dress. “, Or “We have the uniform to learn to reconstruct these issues [liés au harcèlement], I do not think this will limit creativity and identity! “. What if popular culture and especially teen series were unfamiliar with this turning point?

School uniform in the series

If this is far from the norm, it will continue to be a phenomenon: When a teenage play takes place in a school setting, its characters often wear uniforms. It does not end today. Already in 2000, the series Gilmore Girls She presented her high school girls with blazers and plaid skirts. In 2007 we will find a similar outfit gossip Girl, A uniform included in its reboot, aired its first episode last July. Boys are not excluded, especially GleeSince Season 2, Blaine (Darren Chris) comes from a school where everyone wears a red and black uniform. As a last example, we can also mention Heritage, Presents a supernatural school of uniforms from 2018 onwards.

If all these series were to take place in the United States, School uniforms also seem to be gradually settling in Europe. These are the three responsible Netflix series: Elite, In Spain, with symbolic uniforms with red fringes, Derry GirlsNorthern Ireland and more recently, Young Royals, In Sweden.

Jean-Michel Blanker takes a stand on school uniform

As there is more uniformity on our screens, it becomes more glamorous and romanticized. Teens now have models who wear restricted clothing to schoolTherefore, it is easy for them to imagine what they are wearing one by one.

Invited in C8 TPMP This Tuesday, September 14, 2021, National Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanker spoke on the question: I never had a problem with the principle of the uniform For a variety of reasons “, He said. What are these reasons? The Minister clarified his position: “We have a problem with brands, which means that there is competition among children to buy very expensive consumer goods. Then we set goals in their heads to get such branded clothes or such branded items, which is a very bad thing, so this is the benefit of a common habit., He clarifies.

even though, It seems he is not ready to take such action, Inverse production resistance and fears very high costs. Jean-Michel Blanker puts the ball on the school court and wants it to be such a yardstick “Based on Volunteers”. So, we are again in our real question: School uniform: positive or negative?

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