How did the ‘Ramar Effect’ that started Indian Science Day come about? | How did the ‘Ramar Effect’ that started Indian Science Day come about?

How did the 'Ramar Effect' that started Indian Science Day come about?  |  How did the 'Ramar Effect' that started Indian Science Day come about?

The Nobel Prize-winning Indian scientist Sir C. V. National in India in honor of Ram Science Day – Celebrated on February 28th.

On the same day in 1928, he discovered a scattering of photons, later known as the ‘Raman effect’. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1930, two years after his discovery Science India’s first Nobel Prize in this field.

How did the Raman effect come about?

Sir C once represented Calcutta University at a conference of scientists in Europe. V. Raman started his journey. The Mediterranean region was blue on the trip. The question arose in his mind as to why the sky and the sea were blue. He later did a lot of research to find the answer to this question.

At the end of that research, the medium through which light can pass can be solid, liquid or gaseous. He discovered that ‘molecular scattering light’ is caused by changes in the nature of light as it travels through those media. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for this outstanding study.

During his research he used a spectrograph. He noticed that by directing sunlight through different media, some new ‘color lines’ appeared in the spectrum. They became known as the ‘Raman Lines’ and his invention later became known as the ‘Raman Effect’.

New approach every year

Science Day is celebrated every year with the aim of ensuring the safety of mankind. National every year since 1999 Science Determines the theme of the day and celebrates. 2020 Science The theme of the day was ‘Women in Science’. Last 2021 Science The theme of the day was ‘Future of Science, Technology and Intelligence: Impact on Educational Skills and Jobs’.

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This year is 2022 Science The theme of the day celebration for a sustainable future Science And an integrated approach to technology ‘ Science The government aims to promote a dependent attitude.

Science in everyday life:

To find solutions to the problems we face in daily life Science Helps. Technology is evolving to make even the impossible easier. Science Development has met the needs of human beings and has greatly reduced human labor.

However, no one can deny that declining employment is detrimental to human health in many ways. This Science There are many benefits to growth, but there are also some disadvantages. Science Human interests must always be protected. Do not allow it to become a hindrance to human interests.

– Author, SRM University Data Science Associate Professor

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