How did the British media react to the death of Prince Phillips (✝99)?

How did the British media react to the death of Prince Phillips (✝99)?

Almost all press products around the world have a major theme on the front page this Saturday: The Death of Prince Philip. From Great Britain to Germany to Australia and USA – A Overview.

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“Farewell”, “A Prince Like a King”, “Elizabeth, We All Pray for You” or “Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 1921-2021”. Lines like these are enthroned on top of pictures of the Queen “sleeping peacefully” on Thursday in the presence of his 99 – year – old wife at Windsor Castle.

The world mourns the loss of a man who was more on the side of the British Queen than her husband. For more than 70 years, Prince Philip has completed more than 22,000 public appointments for the crown. He met the best politicians, started environmental initiatives, occasionally abandoned the usual slogans and always carried out his duties faithfully. He led a good life as a naval officer: wife, crown, British people.

Philip’s death is seen as a one – sided note in only one part of the world

These aspects and stories determine April 10, 2021 – around the world. The death of Prince Philip inspires people and the mainstream media from the USA to Argentina to Australia puts it on the front page. Here you can see our photo show See a series of major media outlets related to the prince’s death.

Cover Story Ireland: The Duke of Edinburgh The conscious choice that the Duke was not a big issue could only be made in one part of the world. Whether in the “Irish Times” or the “Irish Independent”: give some space to the Irish report – and present the Dead Prince Consort as a side note.

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