How did China succeed in “clearing the sky” before the ruling party’s celebration?

كيف نجحت الصين فى "تصفية السماء" قبل احتفال للحزب الحاكم؟

Earlier this year, a research paper by Sky News Arabia reported that Chinese authorities had succeeded in “clearing the sky” during the centennial celebrations of the ruling Communist Party.

According to a paper published by Tsinghua University in Beijing, Chinese meteorologists have succeeded in completing the intense “cloud pollination” process hours before the July 1 celebrations, which have skyrocketed.

The British newspaper “The Guardian” reports that the Chinese government has spent billions of dollars on climate control projects, including “cloud seeding” technology, to protect agricultural landscapes or create an environment prior to major events such as the 2008 Olympics. “Cloud seeding” technology is based on the addition of particles, in which small amounts of chemicals, such as silver iodide, reach the clouds and collect water droplets around them, increasing the risk of rain.

On the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, the South China Morning Post published a recent research paper published in the “Environmental Science” newspaper on Monday, indicating crucial indications of the completion of the “cloud pollination” process. , Which caused a significant reduction in air pollution.

Climate Challenges According to the Chinese newspaper, the festival has faced challenges that represent heavy air pollution and cloudy skies during the hottest summers of all time.

They added that although polluting factories and other activities were closed in the days leading up to the event, the pollution was not eliminated due to low airflow.

They pointed out that a two-hour “cloud pollination” had taken place the day before the celebration, and that residents of nearby mountains had seen rockets launched into the sky on June 30.

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The newspaper said the missiles carry silver iodide into the sky to stimulate rain, thus reducing pollution levels by two-thirds, and changing the reading of the air quality index based on WHO standards from “moderate”. “Good”.

Between 2012 and 2017, China spent more than $ 1.3 billion on cloud seeding technology, resulting in an additional 233.5 billion cubic meters of rainfall.

In 2019, Chinese officials said the use of climate change technologies, usually using iodine shells, would help reduce hail damage in Xinjiang’s agricultural areas by 70 percent a year.

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