How did a woman walk the streets of Pereira, Colombia and end up in a puddle? | Answers

How did a woman walk the streets of Pereira, Colombia and end up in a puddle?  |  Answers

Currently, the AndThe simple fact of disconnecting from them has taken an important place in our lives For some people this represents a very difficult task, putting their personal safety at risk.

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On many occasions, The addiction People develop their cell phones for reasons Some risks and dangers associated with overuse In these technical devices. To be precise, one such incident went viral on social networks.

Security camera of a shopping center Pereira (Colombia) Recorded the exact moment a woman walked by While looking at her mobile phone, she tripped and fell into the water.

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Slowly, a woman focused on her cell phone, but this He was not prevented from misunderstanding and stumblingCompletely wet after falling into a pool of water.

Immediately two men and a security guard came to help the woman. Fortunately, The fall did her no harm, and the young woman suffered no more than a moment of embarrassment It will live on in the memory of the internet.

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The video inspired mockery and all kinds of comments on social networks: “People on the street, on public transport, They look like stupid zombies looking at their cell phones”; “Worthy”; “Laugh From All Angles”Make some comments in Twitter.

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