How Carinthia is discussed as a place for Intel chip factories «

How Carinthia is discussed as a place for Intel chip factories «

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400 to 600 hectares, 5,000 jobs, $ 100 billion investment: Intel is looking for a place for chip factories in Europe. Carinthia jumped into the bandwagon – wanting to take it as seriously as possible.

Since Uwe Sommersguter | 5.40, August 21, 2021


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Intel factory in Leakslip, Ireland © Intel / KK / Twitter

400 to 600 hectares: US Corporation Intel needs an area of ​​this size to build a microchip factory – this is equivalent to about 650 soccer fields. Karinthayya is also appealing for this huge investment. With this message, Marcus Hornback, the head of the Babeg Company Settlement, sat down and listened to the people. After all, it’s about A giant project with the world’s largest chip makers and over 5,000 highly qualified jobs.

Intel has 15 wafer factories in Asia, Europe, Israel and USA, There are also many assembly jobs. The only “wafer fab” in Europe is in Ireland. Now – as it is already clear – another state-of-the-art plant is going to be built on the mainland of Europe. In fact, due to the scaling effects, this is not one, but several “fabs”, explains Intel spokesman Florian Myslinger: “Six to eight are to be built on the site in Europe.”

Marcus Trosnig Babeg-Chef Marcus Hornback: "What we talk about is important, and we take it seriously"
Babeg boss Marcus Hornback: “We talk is important, we take ourselves seriously” © Marcus Trossnig

Intel Bose on trips through the capitals of Europe

As part of his visit to Europe, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger traveled through several European capitals a few weeks ago. Gelsinger also met with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as heads of government from the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. From Intel’s point of view, “Handlesblatt” writes that these are the countries in question as factory locations. The factories are said to cost $ 100 billion to build, with Intel seeking a $ 40 billion subsidy. It is alleged that Germany had a better chance of winning the contract of works.

“Voting appointment with Intel by the end of August”

Austria is not on the list of possible location countries. However, Babeg Boss Hornbacks says they continue to talk to Intel about changing factories. There will be a coordination meeting with Intel at the end of August. It’s important that we talk and take ourselves seriously. Projects like these were run by Babegil under the name “Unicon”. “Global corporations that we want to attract to Carinthia,” Hornback said in July. “Why should we hide in the carnage? Such unicorns are gold to us.

“Negotiations cannot be ruled out”

However, Intel spokesman MySlinger When asked by Clean Seitung, he said he knew nothing about the discussions with Babe, “But it can not be ruled out”. Babeg reported to Intel on her own initiative. “Anyway, we stick to it,” Hornback explains, wondering who – “I don’t want to raise expectations too much”.

An impression You get what an Intel chip factory looks like Here Using the example of the Irish plant.

“There are potential areas for settlement”

At least not because The question of large areas suitable for this remains unanswered. “There are still high-potential areas in the Klagenfurt, Villach area,” says Hornback. Turning around, Carinthia has something similar to not being offered. “Intel has good connections here – like cooperative partners and value chains, ”says Hornback.

Intel wants to make a location decision by the end of the year – but in Carinthia it is unlikely to be canceled.

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