How Can You Market a Product?

Businesses vary in types and what they sell but ultimately, all businesses tend to have one thing in common – marketing. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about marketing. We will talk about the various elements of the Marketing Mix, a concept taught in almost every business school in the world. 


Advertising is when you promote a product by communicating with the masses on a large scale to generate awareness and interest. There are many mediums that can be used for publishing an advertisement including television, radio, magazines, newspapers, hoardings, posters, and so on. According to experts, whenever you advertise a product, 1 medium never suffices. One of the three sales strategies to help you grow your business is to use multiple mediums simultaneously in a coordinated and measured fashion.

Sales Promotion

At the end of the day, every purchase is a trade-off of value where you give value in terms of money and you get value in terms of the product’s utility. Sales promotion is a tactic of enhancing the value for money to push up the demand for a product. This can be done in various ways including free samples, premiums, freebies, discounts, and many more. Almost every business does this because it is a very useful way of incentivizing consumers to buy more. Supermarkets regularly offer to buy one get one free deal and online casinos offer different bonuses, from welcome bonuses to no deposit bonuses, basically, these promos are to keep existing players interested and encourage new players to sign up. There are dedicated sites that check for the best casino bonuses, experts provide detailed reviews on only safe and legal operators, have information on how to claim the bonuses from their recommended operators thus making life easier for players of all types. Making offers to sell a product as a consequence creates a buzz, which implies more potential buyers.

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Public Relations

Public relations are a company’s way of maintaining an appropriate reputation in the public eye to preserve the value of its brand. There are many who make the mistake of considering public relations and publicity to be the same thing. The truth is that publicity is only a part of public relations. In case of publicity, the company maintains a presence in the news for cultivating an image. However, in the case of public relations, the company not only maintains its presence in the news but also at the same time makes deliberate communication with the masses. 

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a way of directly reaching out to consumers at a personal level. When you make a purchase at a store, you must have noticed that they never forget to take your contact information at the time of billing. They use it to send you personalized messages so that they can promote their products in addition to maintaining a personal relationship with you. Direct marketing can be done through a wide range of channels including SMS, email, letter, telephone, and more. Whenever you see a company sending you an SMS to wish you on your birthday or inform you about an ongoing sale, it is direct marketing. 

Personal Selling

Personal selling is when the product is sold to consumers personally by front-end representatives of the company. Here, you have the ideal opportunity of using your skills of persuasion. Companies around the world make their sales team go through rigorous training for prolonged spans of time so that they can improve their soft skills and push sales. Earlier, salespeople would directly approach consumers by knocking door to door. But today, instead of approaching consumers, they target the other members in the channel of distribution, i.e., the retailers and the distributors. 

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Final Thoughts

Marketing is extremely crucial for a business to not just increase sales but also to build a brand. Today, we are surrounded by marketing as it is involved in almost every aspect of our lives and, due to the clutter, we have developed a tendency to ignore them. It is not about what you market and how much you market it, it is actually about how you market it. The more creative and innovative your campaign is, the better it is for the product. Data plays a big role too because you have to market the right product to the right consumer at the right time. That is why data centers are crucial to Africa and other parts of the world. 

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