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How can we explain these extreme weather phenomena?

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Heavy rains and floods have affected European countries such as Germany and Belgium. These phenomena are increasing. At 11pm, meteorologist Herv ലെ Le Trout was the guest.

Heavy rains have lashed countries like Germany and Belgium in recent days. Human and physical numbers are important. How can we explain these phenomena? First, a flash flood: two days equals two months of rain. In Belgium, as in Germany, it had already rained heavily in May, and the soil could not absorb the excess water. “The whole system will be saturated and carried away by the water. The water will go where it can go, and in urban areas it will turn the streets into rivers.”, Explains hydrologist Emma Hasisa.

Some geographical features complicate the situation. Extremely affected, the city of Liege (Belgium) is located at the confluence of several rivers, each of which feeds the other. Urbanization is another factor contributing to flooding. “Every soil produced is a soil that cannot absorb excess rain. “, Explains Franോois Zemen (researcher and IPCC member) (Group of Climate Experts). The last increasing parameter pointed out by scientists: global warming. “We face problems that can occur naturally, but what makes a difference is their recurrence. They occur in all countries of the planet. It is more frequent and more intense. There is reason to believe this is the result of global warming. It prevents the planet from cooling. It retains more water when you have a warmer climate.”, Climatologist Analyzes Trout in Herve.

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