How Brittany Ferris wants to make a profit from the boom in freight traffic to Ireland

How Brittany Ferris wants to make a profit from the boom in freight traffic to Ireland

In the BFM business, Jean-Marc Roo, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Mortime Company, explains why a new path is being opened between Le Havre and Rosslaire in Ireland.

Brittany Ferris is ready to return. Two years after the tragedy marked by Kovid, travel restrictions and Brexit on the British side, the shipping company sees the end of the tunnel.

Financially, the company has benefited from several oxygen balloons: 45 45 million in state aid, 10 10 million in debt write-off and 6 6 million in subsidies from the region. Brittany.

On the traffic side, Brittany Ferris recorded approximately 200,000 reservations over the summer of 2022. “Our basics are secure, and the company is working and seizing opportunities,” says Grand Journal DL Eco, in the gene set. – Mark Rowe, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

Since September, the demand for goods to Ireland has increased by 70%.

In the context of Brexit, Ireland has the potential to become a strategic destination for cargo from the continent. Since September, commodity demand has increased by 70%.

To meet this need, Brittany Ferris opens a new freight line between Le Havre and Rosslare over the weekend as a return trip. She has had surgery since this Friday.

“When Great Britain establishes its physical border, it will be even more interesting, as it already does when using a straight line by sea to go from France to the Republic of Ireland,” explains Jean-Marc Rouge. “The continuation of our history is somewhere”.

The leader recalls that Brittany, from the port of Cherbourg, already has a direct connection with Ireland: “By 2021, the number of trucks transporting by sea has tripled when the border with England is no longer physically present”.

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To be continued: “There will be 130 to 140,000 trucks using maritime service from French ports to Ireland, up from about 50,000 before.” The company does not intend to escape this wind.

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