How Billionaires Destroyed Space – Brock Press

How Billionaires Destroyed Space - Brock Press

Jeff Bezos went back into space a while ago. This time he brought in the most famous actor, William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in the original series Star Trek. The latest launch, dubbed “The Billionaire Space Race”, is the battle between the world’s richest people to privatize and commercialize space travel.

The previous milestones in this competition were Elon Musk’s SpaceX company, Richard Branson’s company, and the Virgin Galactic, which made a successful voyage into space last summer, made its maiden voyage to Bezos a few days later.

By all means, I’m incredibly excited about the possibility of space travel and exploration. I grew up watching Star Trek, Space documentaries. I watched every video of Cmdr with excitement. Chris Hadfield swallowed all updates from Mars Rovers posted from the International Space Station. The place is really fun and my childhood heroes were people who wanted to explore it.

Billionaires killed that passion for me. The appeal of shows like Star Trek, Books and movies like Tuesday They presented space exploration as something great. It was about going boldly to a place where no one had gone before, learning new things and coming together as human beings. Maybe it’s idealistic, maybe it’s simple, but this is not how I imagined the next chapter of human space exploration would unfold, I’m not really a fan.

The “billionaire space race” is not for exploration or study, but for the richest men in the world to show off their wealth and plan ways to get richer. There are always people who argue that there is a positive side to all of this and that the privatization of this place will lead to new technologies and innovations and we will all be better for it.

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However, the people who are going into space right now are not scientists, they are not astronauts or engineers, they are just rich and famous people who can keep launching things into the atmosphere. Rod.

It seems to me that this repetition of the space race is very meaningless, it is not really about science or technology, it is about tourism and money no matter what some people claim.

Another argument made by people who rejoice for Musk is that humanity needs a backup plan. Musk and SpaceX aim to send colonists to Mars by 2050. Musk himself has admitted that there are a lot of people Is going to die In the beginning, of course, space travel is always dangerous, but that’s why we do not allow anyone to do it.

When he says he wants to send the Musk colonists into space, he’s not talking about astronauts, he’s talking about scientists or pilots, he’s talking about ordinary people, he’s talking about ordinary people. In the same interview, he added that loans are available for people who can’t afford to go their own way to Mars, and when they arrive they can start working, which starts to feel like the beginning of a dystopian movie.

Not to mention the climate crisis we see here impacting the earth. Here are the problems we need to solve This Problems that cannot be solved even if the planet and the billionaires build rocket ships and launch them into space. When Prince William and the rest of the royal family are there Is calling For a more basic approach, you may begin to think of it as an unnecessary display of wealth and extravagance rather than a sublime human pursuit.

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Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe that mankind should reach for the stars, but we do it for the right reason, not to be an excuse to avoid the problems that exist here on Earth.

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