How are we going to review homes? – Introduction: New Test Method

How are we going to review homes?  - Introduction: New Test Method

We have been testing house sings on tweakers for a long time, and over time we have used different testing methods. For example, we previously built into systems and loaded the CPU and GPU using Prime 95 and Firmark, respectively. Recently, we have a systemAnalog The CPU and GPU were simulated using power resistors.

We are not satisfied with that old test method, because the test system did not always give completely rebuilt results: Windows and software are not always 100 percent predictable with hardware, which is why we are switching to simulated hardware with power resistors.

That experimental method is also not entirely realistic. Although we know exactly how much power we are pumping into a home with only power resistors and a limited number of temperature sensors to emulate the CPU and GPU, it does not give a complete picture of the features of the home. Also, we operated the fans at fixed voltages of 7 and 12V, and the total power we could generate was not representative of modern systems.

That’s why we are working on a new enclosure testing method, trying to improve the above points and respect the requests of the community. This is due to an advanced and new test method, which we would like to test with you in this test review.

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