How and Why Create a Strong Password for our Apple ID

How and Why Create a Strong Password for our Apple ID

Is our Apple ID probably more important to us than our bank account? In a way, yes, we definitely have access password to that account stored in our Apple ID. Therefore, The most important thing is to effectively protect our numbers There are many more, but it all starts with choosing a good password.

Our Apple ID contains a lot of information. We can create passwords for all the services and websites we use (with us) This shortcut), Notes, photos, health data, credit card information, a long etc. It is therefore important to protect the account properly to ensure that we are the only ones who have access to the information.

The password is easy to remember

A password must be strong and easy to remember. OK, let’s use a Password Manager, But since the Apple ID password gives us access to the password manager itself, we need to keep this password in mind at all times.

The best recommendation in the balance between good security and easy to remember is to use long passwords, which are really long, 57 characters, not eight. How do I create a password like that? Very easy: random six words. Let’s look at an example.

2 Sunny Init Attract to the sides of the rainbow!

This password has a number, a capital letter and a symbol. These special characters are easy to remember and easy to type. Numbers and letters are not mixed in the password May lead to typing errors, Intermediate words do not even have uppercase letters.

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Recommended but not considered optional double letters, We are talking about memorizing or memorizing six words, They are all separated by a space, which is what we mean by words, so it’s a strong password that is easy to remember. We have already achieved one of two goals.

Strong password, very secure

Jason Dent 3wpjxh Pirv Unplash

In terms of security, the thing is the most interesting. This is a password of 57 characters. By some calculations, it would take 309x10E180 years to crack such a password. in other words, The age of the universe is many and many. Sure on quantum computers … it may be, but before that we would have changed the password.

Let’s look at the password We mix a few languages, Although it is only a little. Note also the double letters in the words “unit” (Egyptian goddess) and “remarkable”. Finally, we added some special characters that improve password security without being misused.

Including several experts EFF, I agree that passwords generated in this way are very secure, but so is this Password is not the only thing that protects our account.

Good practices, Apple and us

Screenshot 2021 01 25 at 11 19 18

A strong password is not synonymous with a secure account. There are more issues to consider. That is the first and most important thing Do not tell anyone the password, do not use it for any other service, and do not write it down in a note or on any paperWe can memorize it or nothing.

The second is the importance of two-component authentication We need to generate a code on one of our devices to gain access To account. This greatly increases the likelihood that a stranger, even if he knows someone’s password, will not be able to access the number.

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Finally, there are invisible protections that prevent access to an Apple ID. For example Limits login attempts. We can’t randomly try passwords until we find a good one, so most of the attacks are impossible, whether brute force or dictionary.

Considering what you see, a six word password is easy to remember and is a very secure password with a few digits and uppercase letters at the beginning. For most of us, four words are actually enough, and by using six we ensure a password that is secure from everything. Of course, once created, make sure it is maintained, never disclosed, and in no sense can it be used in conjunction with other protection services of our Apple ID.

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