Horseback Riding – Nations Cup

Horseback Riding - Nations Cup

France, who were knocked out of the grand final on Friday, finished second in the consolation, thus securing their place in Division 1, Barcelona on Saturday, part of the final of the Nations Cup. At the end of the qualifying round on Friday, the thirteenth, The French team was seen closing the doors of the Grand Final in front of them, Will bring together the top eight teams on Sunday. On Saturday evening, she finished second at the end of the Challenge Cup, a so-called consolation event, thus securing her place in European Division 1. With a total of ten points, the Blues ended up out of Great Britain (4 points), but far ahead of Norway (21 points), Switzerland (25 points) and Italy (43 points). 2016 Olympic team champion Penelope Leprevost opens the ball for France Excalibur de la Tour Vidal * GFE, Was in perfect lap, but was eventually credited with exceeding a small point. He succeeded Gregory Kotard Bibix, The best blue pair on Friday for a debut at this level. But as the days went by, they didn’t have to look the same, and the pair crashed twice as much into the river and into the bull eight as they had the day before. Oops! In this context, so is Mark Delazer Arioto * du Gevres, Weighed in at thirteen points yesterday, so much was expected. In an obsolete period, like Penelope Leprevost before, they came out of the case well and gave the blues an air. Wow! However, Italy relegated, and so did Matthew Billott That ‘s it Who replaced Olivier Robber? Vivaldi des Menox, The pair are usually brilliant but surprisingly devastating Friday (23 penalty points). The only blue pair to finish eighth at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, after unfortunately stopping in front of two verticals, had to give up nine vertical faces before heading out vertically. With this abandonment, France scored a total of ten points. On Saturday, five countries were in contention, with Canada and Uzbekistan deciding not to compete. Finally, Italy was relegated to Division 2 next season. Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Brazil, Sweden, Ireland, the United States and Belgium will play in the grand final on Sunday, broadcast live on L’Equipe. Ireland will try to keep the title there. Read more All the news about the ride

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